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The culture war has become so bad that the left even claims that a film against child trafficking is somehow controversial. Actor Jim Caviezel plays a real government agent who has fought this hideous practice around the world. And journalists desperately tried to prevent the film from being a success.

They missed. Highligths.

To say that “Sound of Freedom” was well received by the public underestimates the matter. It has a 100% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes (with over 10,000 ratings) and even a 74% rating from critics eager to see the film. CinemaScore gives it an A+ and it’s already hit $85 million at the box office and is expected to gross nearly $100 million once the weekend countdowns wrap. This weekend, he only lost to Tom Cruise’s new “Mission Impossible” movie.

That didn’t stop the left-leaning media from trying to kill the film. They call it “controversial”, “divisive”, “propaganda”, a “hype machine”, “a superhero movie for dads with brainworms” and, of course, they tried many times occasions to link it to QAnon conspiracy theories.

The attacks are not surprising considering how Hollywood and the liberal media have long embraced exploitation films about children and sex, from Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby” to twisted “Cuties.”


The hypocrisy around “Cuties” is a great comparison because it’s so recent. The French coming-of-age film was about an 11-year-old girl and was deemed so offensive that it sparked a massive outcry against Netflix. “Cuties” only has a 15% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, but critics gave it an 87% rating, aggressively defending it against critics.

The Washington Post ran culture columnist Alyssa Rosenberg’s argument urging viewers to see “Cuties.” “People freaking out about ‘Cuties’ should give it a try. They might find a lot to like.” And Post Style reporter Monica Hesse called “Cuties” “one of the most compelling movies you’ve probably seen in months. Funny and deeply uncomfortable, sweet and sometimes sad.”

But producing a film that portrays pedophilia as evil and watch the media offensive.

Rolling Stone said “Sound of Freedom” is “designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiratorial boomer”. The outlet didn’t stop there, even blowing up the idea behind the film as “this grossly overstated ‘epidemic’ of child sex trafficking.” Experts estimate that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide. So, yes, the epidemic is correct.

Rolling Stone always complained that “conservatives remain obsessed”. I think that’s an escalation from the classic media assertion that “the conservatives are leaping.”

The most common criticism tried to link the film and its star to conspiracy theories. The QAnon comparison has been used so often that it serves as a reminder that journalists are obsessed with the conspiratorial group. Not ordinary Americans.

CNN is a perfect example. In a two-minute-and-one-second segment, CNN used the term “QAnon” 10 times. “CNN Tonight” host Abby Phillip undermined the film’s very real premise. “And the ‘Sound of Freedom’ focuses on a real sex trafficking issue. But that theme is kind of like that kernel of truth that fuels the QAnon conspiracy theory.”

Miami Art Zine film critic Ruben Rosario called it “self-aggrandizing propaganda with the heart in the right place”. And Slate was upset that some in the audience “acted like they were on ‘Top Gun'”.

The Guardian tried to claim that the movie beating the new Indiana Jones movie over the holidays was just a brief blow. “But for a fleeting moment last July 4, when the intended audience for Indy’s latest outing was presumably hanging out with family and friends at barbecues or in other social situations, an unoccupied fandom rallied by the star Jim Caviezel claimed the day grossing $14.2 million to Dial of Destiny’s $11.7 million.”


But last weekend, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate” was overshadowed by “Sound of Freedom.” So much for this blip.

The Guardian also slammed the film’s backers, linking the film to “a more unsavory network of astroturf boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids now trying to squeeze a cause celebre out of a film at the vaguely sympathetic tendencies.

The mainstream press only attacks people who support a film that journalists don’t want to make. There is little criticism of all the Communist China money flooding Hollywood – even as China commits genocide against the Uyghurs, crushes democracy in Hong Kong and threatens the freedom of Taiwan.

“Sound of Freedom” is based on the life of former Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard. He fought against sex trafficking and even founded a group called Operation Underground Railroad, dedicated to saving children. In 2014, CBS News praised Ballard and a raid that saved more than 50 people, many of them children. It inspired the film.


Elaine Quijano of CBS explained nine years ago: “Jim Ballard has a mission: to hunt down child traffickers. Quijano ended the piece saying “freeing one child at a time”.

“Sound of Freedom” doesn’t just highlight these important victories. It shows how Americans are gradually freeing themselves from the grip of the left. The press tried hard to crush this film. Instead, it’s about promoting the kind of values ​​that even liberals used to support – faith and freedom.

Only now, movies like this succeed without legacy media.