Rana Daggubatithe South Indian star of the global hit film ‘Baahubali’, is set to make a superhero-sized impact in San Diego Comic-Con. His company Spirit Media will unveil film, TV and comic book projects with a variety of partners.

Hiranyakashyap by Spirit Media

The first among these is the film project “Hiranyakashyap”, developed by Spirit Media and which will be directed by Travikram. The image is inspired by Amar Chitra Katha’s comics about the mythological figure, the mighty demon Hiranyakashyap, and his plan to take revenge by destroying the kingdom of Lord Indira.

In the series space, Spirit Media has made a deal with streamer SonyLIV on the epic historical action drama “Lords of the Deccan.” Based on the novel of the same title, the show takes audiences back in time to witness the birth of the Chalukyas, a dynasty that shaped southern India for centuries.

In the field of comics, Spirit Media has teamed up with Weekend Blockbusters, the producer of the highly acclaimed Malayalam superhero film “Minnal Murali”, to launch Minnal Murali as a comic book character, which will find its place in the popular Indian comics magazine Tinkle. . Netflix released “Minnal Murali” in 2021 and enjoyed over 25 million viewing hours.

“We are thrilled to partner with Spirit Media who share our love for the superhero genre. Minnal Murali was a work of deep love and passion and we are thrilled to present him in a new comic avatar to fans” said Sophia Paul, co-founder of Weekend Blockbusters.

Saugata Mukharjee, Head of Content at Sony LIV, said:[We] believe in spreading great Indian stories all over the world. And in keeping with this, we are embarking on the thrilling journey of capturing the history of the glorious southern Indian dynasties by adapting the famous book “Lords of the Deccan” by Anirudh Kanisetti [..] We are thrilled to bring these untold stories – the glorious dynasties, the majestic lands, the valiant kings and their many wars – to our audiences around the world.

Comic-Con takes place July 20-23 in San Diego. Considering the impact of the SAG strike on promoting actors, the event promises to be different from previous years.