Twenty years ago, in a very different time for comic book movies, there was a big-screen, big-budget version of Daredevil. It starred Ben Affleck as blind fighter-attorney Matt Murdock. Jennifer Garner was Elektra. Colin Farrell played Bullseye. He did pretty well if not great. He even had a spin-off for Elektra. But the world never saw Affleck again in a tight red suit. But why is this? (Other than Affleck hates him.)

In a retrospective interview on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the film with Yahoo! Entertainmentthe director of the film, Mark Steven Johnson, explained, among other things, why there was never a Daredevil 2. At the time, Marvel — about five years before the first Iron Man – decided that instead of a sequel, they would try a spin-off.

“I think the plan was that they would do a Electra movie and then successfully make another one daredevil“, Johnson said. “I didn’t work on Electra movie at all, but that one didn’t work out, and then it all kind of went away, unfortunately.

In effect, Electra was a bombshell, not even breaking the $25 million mark domestically – a quarter of what Daredevil did. So that’s the end of this story.

Things finally worked out well for a screen Matt Murdock. Some 12 years later, Netflix released a TV series version starring Charlie Cox (who don’t like either daredevil movie). It ended after just three seasons, as Marvel cut ties with the streamer. But Cox will be come back for more on Disney+even though he says revival is a different thing and not just season 4.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)