Latest Kerala Local News: Inspirational journey of Amal Iqbal, the hero of Sidhique Kodiya

Kozhikode: The recently released Malayalam film ‘Akasham Kadann’ marks the directorial debut of popular home cinema comedian, Sidhique Kodiyathur. The film shines a light on the challenges faced by people with disabilities and their families, delivering a powerful message of inclusivity to society. The film’s most notable feature is its hero, Amal Iqbal, who was born with cerebral palsy and locomotor disease, a rare condition. Russel’s outstanding portrayal of Amal, a character with locomotor disease, has captivated audiences across the state since its July 21 release.

Russel, born to Rauf and Sajna, falls ill and becomes bedridden, setting the stage for their daily struggles to unfold. While most people empathize with people with disabilities, a few still struggle to understand their challenges, including some parents. As the parent of a child with an intellectual disability, Sidhique incorporated his personal experiences and observations into the film.

Through rigorous effort, Amal focused on her physical fitness and developed the strength to use a wheelchair. Photo: special arrangement

“I can relate to this because I am the parent of a child who faces developmental disabilities and related physical challenges. Additionally, I come into contact with other parents of children with similar disabilities in my day-to-day life. Many have devoted their entire lives to their children, but there are also those who leave their children in nursing homes to enjoy a comfortable life,” Sidhique said. The film also features Sidhique and his son Farhan, with Farhan being his inspiration to take on this project.

The creation of the film began in 2016, and after extensive research, Sidhique focused on Amal Iqbal. “I thought having a boy with a physical disability as the lead character would have an impact, so I spent a year looking for the right actor. Although I had my doubts about casting Amal, it ultimately turned out to be a perfect fit. He executed his role perfectly,” Sidhique said.

Amal – a full-fledged hero
For Amal, playing Russel in “Akasham Kadann” was more like reliving her own life on camera. Amal Iqbal, a humanities student of over two years at JDT Higher Secondary School, is from Pulikkal, Malappuram, and is paralyzed from the neck down, unable to speak. In addition, he experienced a fear of light and sound. Nevertheless, with the unwavering support of her parents, Amal persevered.

Through rigorous effort, Amal focused on her physical fitness and developed the strength to use a wheelchair. Not only did he attend school, but he also participated in academic and athletic competitions, gaining international recognition. Overcoming his limitations, Amal won national arm wrestling gold medals and became the first Keralite with cerebral palsy to conquer rafting, sailing the Beas River in Himachal Pradesh and the Thejaswini River in Kannur.

For Amal, playing Russel in “Akasham Kadann” was more like reliving her own life on camera. Photo: special arrangement

His inspirational achievements won him the Ujwala Balyam Award from the Government of Kerala in 2021 and the Outstanding Diplomacy Award at the Model United Nations (MUN) Parliament held in Muscat in 2019. Recently, he was selected as a delegate for the Y20 Kerala Summit held in Kozhikode, in preparation for the scheduled G20 Summit in India in September 2023. Amal’s talents go beyond physical feats, because he regularly excels in quizzes and reading competitions. , and he is now the brand ambassador for a tuition academy.

Amal’s motivational speeches keep him busy, sometimes affecting his regular classes. However, thanks to the support of his classmates and teachers, he manages his studies effectively. This care and compassion led Mohammed Iqbal Valappan to encourage parents of children with disabilities to consider sending them to public schools.

Photo: special arrangement

“Amal has a photographic memory. He overcame his disabilities through tireless efforts with our support,” Iqbal told Onmanorama. “We strive to provide Amal with the best to bring out his potential. He has received top-notch treatment and training, with a total expenditure of 15 lakhs on surgeries and additional expenses for training and therapies. We are currently looking for a sponsor,” Iqbal added.

Sidhique’s “Akasham Kadann” has more than 80 actors including renowned names like Vijaya Kumar, Priya Sreejith, Maqbool Salman, Nilambur Ayisha, Kulappully Leela, Ibrahim Kutty, Kollam Shafy and Ansil. Additionally, the film features many disabled children, filmed in Alathiyur and Tirur in Malappuram. Sidhique scripted and produced the film under his banner, Don Cinemas, leaving a lasting impact with his heartwarming and inclusive storytelling.

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