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Candies worth watching because it offers a good mix of drama, mystery and intrigue, notes Namrata Thakker.

When a Rudra Valley School student is found dead in the forest, his mentor and teacher Jayant Parekh (Ronit Roy) sets out to find the horrific killer.

On the other hand, Ratna Sankhwar (Richa Chadha), the DSP of Rudrakund City, is in charge of the case, but is not overly interested in solving the murder mystery.

Amid the gruesome murder and the disappearance of another student, rumors circulate that Masaand is behind the chaos. But no one knows if he is a human or a demon.

Jayant Parekh discovers that his student has died after ingesting an infamous candy that was drugged and readily available to students at Rudra Valley School. Since his daughter killed herself after eating candy a few years ago, Jayant seeks to expose a drug racket run by Vayu Ranaut (Nakul Roshan Sahdev), the son of corrupt politician Mani Ranaut (Manu Rishi Chadha).

Jayant suspects that Vayu himself is Masaand.

Are Jayant’s suspicions correct? Well you have to look Candies to find out, and yes, it’s worth it.

The plot and unexpected twists will not disappoint you.

Directed by Ashish R. Shukla, the show is engaging with its evil plot, complex characters, and good acting.

Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha play their roles well.

As Vayu Nakul, Roshan Sahdev is excellent and stands out.

Manu Rishi Chadha also has a meaty character and fully justifies it.

The show starts off with a bang and keeps you hooked for the most part.

Having said that, it gets boring as the story drifts into flashbacks and subplots that add little to the overall picture.

The last two episodes are exhausting to watch because you know the killer by then, but the story continues as the makers want to hint at another possible season.

Candies worth watching because it offers a good mix of drama, mystery and intrigue.

Candy is streaming on VOOT.

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