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falaiviy proves that Kangana is the queen of Bollywood, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s famous “hierarchy of needs” theory speaks of “belonging and love needs” followed by “respect needs.”

According to him, every person wants to have a sense of “belonging and love.”

But if you’re the romantic companion of Tamil movie superstar and later Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramchandran, you’ll never get credit.

Even worse, society will damage your self-esteem and remind you of your status as “different” and unwanted.

And it is here that a person must challenge society and prove his courage.

falaiviy. Starring Kangana Ranaut (as J. Jayalalitaa) and Arvind Swami (as M. G. Ramachandran), portrays the excellent relationship between them amidst many obstacles over the course of more than two decades of their life together.

Everything changes around them, but the feeling of love between them never changes.

The story begins with 17 year old Jaya, also known as Ammu, who is in love with a 48 year old man who is married to Janaki (Madhu).

One of the shortcomings of the film is that they try to pass Kangana off as a 17-year-old. But then if Shah Rukh Khan can be a college student at 33 Kuch Kuch Hota Haithen this too can pass.

the beauty falaiviy it’s the chemistry between Arvind Swami and Kangana that director E.L. Vijay.

Whether it’s songs or dialogue, each scene is a separate class.

Credit also goes to dialogue writer Rajat Arora and writer K.V. Vijayendre Prasad.

As a viewer, you won’t get bored even for a minute.

Deep down you know that extramarital affairs are immoral, but seeing the passion of these two lovers, you want them to be together forever.

There is a scene where MGR praises Jaya for her dance performance in the dressing room.

He realizes that the door is open and goes to close it.

Jaya gets scared, thinking that he is going to kiss her, but MGR whistles at her instead.

Raj Arjun, who played RM Veerappan, MGR’s right-hand man, is a great find.

His dislike of Jaya due to her closeness to MGR and then the way they settle scores. medu vada shown very well.

The famous actor Nassar plays the role of M. Karunanidhi with dignity. Just look at the expression on his face with dark glasses. In one word: Horror.

The same goes for Arvind Swami who effortlessly starts an affair with Kangana. Their chemistry is amazing and one wonders why Arvind is no longer in the Hindi film industry.

movie star – falaiviy herself.

Kangana keeps you on your toes from the beginning of the film, where she was molested and kicked out of the Tamil Nadu state assembly, to her past as an actress.

She sculpts herself so well as Jayalalitaa, an actress, chief minister and MGR mistress, that you never get the feeling that you are watching the same actress spewing venom on social media in real life.

Why waste time on this, Kangana?

As an actor, you’ve reached the top of Maslow’s “self-fulfillment” pyramid, which speaks of creativity, spontaneity, and acceptance.

Why spew so much poison?

You are born to act. You were born to tell stories.

No other Bollywood actress can do justice to Jayalalitaa’s life the way you did in falaiviy.

falaiviy proves that you, Kangana, are the queen of Bollywood.

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