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Aim high babe
Don’t you let me walk away from this fight
Aim high darlin
Better not let me walk away from this fight
If I were in your shoes, I’d lay one right between my eyes

Aim high
Cause there ain’t nothin left to say
You better aim high
Cause no there ain’t nothin left for us to say
I hope my sins of this world, babe, aren’t gonna stand in my way

Aim high
You know just what you gotta do
Aim high
You know what you got to do
Say a prayer for me as you walk away
Throw my body down in the morning dew
Alright, darlin’

Darling lay one right between your eyes
You know I’d do it baby, so you better aim high
Aim high
Aim high

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  1. Very Hendrixian at some point with a lot of different other vibes from more modern rock. .. Yeah… I'm enjoying this rocking madness ! Keep on doing good stuff like this guys, saving us from today's bullshit !

  2. Hi Marcus and your band, I'M LOVING this very cool groove and lyrics with your beautiful voice with killer guitar playing 💝 AMAZING and I LOVE IT SO MUCH 💝😊 Thank You so much for sharing this with us 💝🤗 Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

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