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Huma Qureshi makes this predictable but compelling political drama worth watching, notes Namrata Thakker.

Located in Bihar, Maharani — made Jolly LLB Directed by Subhash Kapoor and directed by Karan Sharma, this is not a completely fictional film based on real political events.

The show revolves around Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) who becomes Bihar’s chief minister after her husband KM Bhima Bharti (Sohum Shah) is paralyzed in an assassination attempt.

Bhima Bharti decides to stay in power and checkmate his political rivals.

In reality, Rabri Devi was appointed Chief Minister of Bihar in 1997 after her husband Lalu Prasad Yadav was forced to step down due to his involvement in the fodder scam. Sohum Shah refutes the belief that Maharani based on the life of Lalu and Rabri.

AT MaharaniRani Bharti is a housewife who can neither read nor write.

She quickly adapts to the world of politics and this creates friction between her and Bhima Bharti.

The way Rani navigates Bihar’s caste politics with the help of his confidant Kaveri (Kani Kushruti) makes up the rest of the story.

The creators have added several storylines, some of which fit well with the plot and some that don’t.

Huma Qureshi is heading the show and rightly so. After a long time, it’s nice to see an actress in her element and giving her all to a role that could easily backfire.

From the perfect Bihari housewife look to the right dialect and accent, watching Huma as Rani Bharti is a treat.

Sohum Shah as Bhima Bharti is pretty good, as is Amit Sial as Bhima’s rival Naveen Kumar.

Both actors do justice to their roles, but I would like their roles to be more meaningful.

Then we have Pramod Pathak and Kani Kushruti playing Mishra.Gee and Kaveri, respectively. Bye MishraGee loyal to Bhima Bharti, Kaveri forms a trusting relationship with Rani Bharti.

While Pramod Pathak starred in political dramas like Mirzapur Kani Kushruti used to attract attention. She is great as Kaveri and although she doesn’t get much screen time, her connection with Rani Bharti is one of the show’s highlights.

It’s nice to see a woman actually empowering another instead of judging or humiliating her, especially in politics.

While the actors make it through, the script makes the show fall behind.

I would very much like to see Rani Bharti’s gradual transformation from an illiterate housewife to a smart and astute politician. It would take Maharani to a completely different level.

Also, the creators remind you from time to time that Bihar’s politics is based on castes, and yet in the bigger picture, this plot is completely lost.

The creators could have left the show entirely fictional instead of confusing us by picking bits and pieces from past events.

However, what does Maharani what is attractive are the incredible performances and some heavy dialogue.

Maharani is broadcast on SonyLIV.

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