Home Music Jee Lenge Hum (Official Video) | Shaan | Rehmat Rattan | Latest Romantic Song 2022

Jee Lenge Hum (Official Video) | Shaan | Rehmat Rattan | Latest Romantic Song 2022

Jee Lenge Hum  (Official Video) | Shaan | Rehmat Rattan | Latest Romantic Song 2022

Jee Lenge Hum is an intense emotional song that deals with separation and repentance. Often we don’t realise how much Love or a loved one means to us until we have lost them. Life is not the same but Life goes on.
Tere Bina.. Jee lenge hum… Jee lengey hum.

Produced by Shaan Music

Audio credits
Singer – Shaan
Composer – Shaan
Lyrics – Mahimma Bhardwaj
Music Producer – Ganesh Surve
Electric / Acoustic Guitars – Arbaaz Khan
Mix and Mastered by Ganesh Surve

Song recorded at Shaan Music Studio, Khar

Video credits
Cast – Shaan & Rehmat Rattan
Additional Cast – Neha Vijayan
Director – Nitin Samadhiya
DOP – Ankit Chouhan
Production – Hariprem Films
Editor – Hariprem Films
DI & Poster Designing – Aman Singh
Publicity Designs -Team Hariprem Films & Global Music Junction

Digital Marketing Agency – 7C Culture

Music Label – Shaan music

Distribution – Global Music Junction
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  1. Proud to be a Fan of You, ShaanDaa from my childhood.. Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Mein Aisa Hota hai song with ur sis.. uff still addicted.. BHOOL JAA Song had been my ring tone for almost a decade.. and my all tym SelfMotivator Song Since You got it Released.. a true fan of your Tanha Dil Album as a whole.. Tanha Dil is still a Super Duper Hit in Social Media especially in Smule Musical Family.. .. Gum sum ho kyon.. Paas Aao Na.. can't explain how much addicted still I'm with that song.. and above all love ur love for Music beyond geographical boundaries.. proud to have listened to ur AMAZING Version of Kaathil Thenmazhayayi in my mother tongue.. In fact I'm a subscriber of YT channels of only 4 Male MUSICAL LEGENDS. ❣YOU & KS HARISANKAR❣ From India… Michael Jackson & Charlie Puth.. of course love so many musicians. But hard core fan of only these 4 male voices.. due to ALL UR SIMPLE YET AMAZING CHARACTER AS WELL AS THE CONSISTENT PERFECTION YOU ALL MAINTAIN IN MUSIC AND STILL WORKING HARD TO KEEP MUSIC LOVERS like me soooo happy 👏 Thanks a lot, ShaanDaa.. Stay Blessed 🥰

  2. Wowwwww just wowwww it reminded me of tanha dil and bhool ja🥰🥰🥰🥰 I always loved your songs…. Full of emotions and feel amazing song…. You are my inspiration sir🙏🙏 I always try to sing with feel like you put in your songs… Thankyou so much for giving us such beautiful numbers🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. I like your sweet song आप कि गाना शुन कार मुझे आच्छा लगता है
    आप कि गाना मुझे वहत शान°•°°•°•°ति देता है

  4. Sadness doesn't suits your face. May there be peace in your world and love in your heart always. Peace be upon your smile. Shine on Shaan Sir. Stay safe. Stay the same. & STAY BLESSED 💗💗💗💗💗 Gratitude from 🇵🇰

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