Home News Biden blames Putin for rising prices as inflation hits 40-year high


  1. Okay so that was March. What about the previous 12 months? We’re not idiots Joe. It’s your policies that are driving up the cost of oil. And it’s being done on purpose. #FJB

  2. America has been suffering thru high gas and inflation for over a year with this clown and he trying to tell us it’s Purim’s fault 😂. Russia didn’t invade Ukraine until February 2022.

  3. We pay for inflation he doesn’t I have a great idea let’s evaluate how the politicians in our country have become millionaires and how that happened

  4. I’m sorry, Mr. President but I, and countless others, don’t believe that for a second.

  5. Putin’s to blame for everything , nothing is bidens fault . Reminds me of when Jimmy Carter was president. Both I n

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