Fall for the stars of “The Holiday Exchange”!


The Holiday Swap is an all-new LGBTQ+ romantic comedy film coming to the Hallmark Channel. The story will focus on the characters of Wilde Williams (played by Taylor Frey) and Oliver Whitlock (played by Rick Cosnett) as they swap houses after meeting online, quite similar to the Cameron Diaz and Kate movie Winslet. Holidays.

As a result, Olivier moves to Wilde’s house in Los Angeles, while Wilde vacations with Oliver in a town called Brilfax. As the main characters spend this time away from home, they fall in love with Henry (played by Daniel Garcia) and Julius (played by Samer Salem).

Garcia is best known for appearing in projects like forever tomorrow And Vecinos. Salem’s past acting credits include The extent, The Handmaid’s TaleAnd my fake boyfriend.

Scroll to see sexy photos of Daniel Garcia and Samer Salem – and be sure to follow them on @dantheman7886 And @mr.samersalem on Instagram.


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