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When it comes to playing your favorite game, being able to share the experience with others is a big part of enjoying the title. However, what might be a hiccup is having to teach your friend or anyone you play with how the game works. After all, playing a game won’t be fun without knowing how to do it. Still, how would anyone get away with trying to teach an animal to play Minecraft? The answer may just surprise you.

Minecraft YouTuber ChrisDaCow in a shocking move, taught a monkey named Kanzi how to play Minecraft and get good at it!

ChrisDaCow teaches Kanzi the monkey to play Minecraft


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Minecraft intro readings and videos are quite common. This makes the game easier to understand. However, teaching a monkey the game is a whole new area of ​​uncharted territory. Although we have taught the monkeys similar things, a similar experience is completely unheard of.

ChrisDaCow has made it his mission to do just that. At Ape Initiative in Des Moines, Iowa, which is a bonobo conservatory, ChrisDaCow met with researchers. They introduced him to Kanzi, a monkey who loves to play with people. Kanzi was used to playing games as part of the research program taking place at the institute. As a result, he already had a touch screen that he was used to using.

Once the YouTuber set up Minecraft on the screen, he began teaching Kanzi how to play the game. Essentially, all Kanzi had to do was tap the screen to move the character around. He also had a button that allowed him to use his pickaxe and mining gear. Kanzi quickly followed the tutorial, collecting the items left on the ground. It seems his reward of peanuts was enough to push him to excel in the game.

To put Kanzis’ skills to the test, the Kanzis Minecraft character was placed in a cave he had to climb out of. The catch is that he achieved all the basic skills he learned in the tutorial. However, Kanzi did not disappoint. It moved quickly, knocking down any obstacle in its path. What he struggled to get stuck in the turns. It looks like Kanzi didn’t figure out how to get out of it, needing ChrisDaCow to help out our bonobo friend a bit. Watching Kanzi walk through Minecraft was a rare find!

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Kanzi had no problem making her way through the various biomes, flexing her Minecraft prowess along the way! He even played with the famous content creator TommyInnit in the game. Definitely a big first for Kanzi and TommyInnit.

ChrisDaCow highlights important issues for bonobos

The video was a great opportunity for the Ape Initiative to showcase its work with bonobos and highlight the issues facing the species. For starters, there are a limited number of bonobos in the wild, which makes conservation facilities like this all the more important. The video was a crucial opportunity for the institute to showcase its research and work, through monkeys such as Kanzi.


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Plus, it showed people how smart bonobos are, especially when it comes to playing Minecraft! What do you think of this incredible development? Let us know in the comments section below.

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