Google today announced storage capacity and performance upgrades for Google TV devices, resulting in an improved overall user experience.

In terms of storage, Google is introducing new ways to reduce the amount of storage used on Google TV by reducing app sizes as well as hibernating background apps. App hibernation automatically puts apps to sleep when they’re not used for more than 30 days. In terms of app size reduction features, Google rates app size at around 25%, freeing up space on your device to download even more apps that you may or may not use.

For those who want a faster Google TV experience, you’ll be happy to know that Google has reduced the time it takes to wake up your Google TV, the response time between your TV and pressing a button on the remote, and the amount of time. you see the loading animation when you reboot your device. It’s all good stuff right there.

According to Google, all of these changes are rolling out right now and users don’t have to do anything. Everything should happen automatically, which is nice.

// Google Support