As we get closer to the most exciting event of the year for Android fans, which of course is Google I/O, we will learn more and more about the expected devices that will be introduced by the Google Pixel division. We have already discussed the Pixel 7a and the announced price increase, but now we will learn more about the tablet that everyone (approx. Pixel tablet.

According to sources 9to5Google, Pixel Tablet will be available in four colors. Do we have specifics for these colors? No. Thanks to Google’s own marketing images, we know we can expect one to be greenish with black borders, as well as a beige tablet with white borders. Besides, it’s a secret. However, I could see the possibility of blue.

The Pixel Tablet will also reportedly ship with 8GB of RAM, no matter which storage option you choose. It is reported that there will be two options. 8GB of RAM should be enough for multitasking and gaming on this tablet.

Notably, the charging dock we saw in the image with the device is now bundled with the tablet, rather than being a separate purchase. We see this as a big win, solely because Google could have easily done the rougher thing and made it a standalone purchase. However, due to this step, the device does not include a charging adapter. Nothing surprising.

While it’s cool that a dock is included, for those worried about USB charging, we’re sure it’s still relevant. In the image above, we can see that the dedicated USB port is still present, so if you’re traveling with the device and don’t want to lug it around the dock, you’ll be fine.

// 9to5Google