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Wife could have been a game-changer in the horror genre, but was the victim of a sluggish execution, complains Mumita Bhattacharjee.

Horror films made in India have a few obvious clich├ęs.

Jump scares, hideous ghost prosthetics, bone breaking, and plenty of copies from every Hollywood horror franchise.

Wife stays away from it, thankfully, but doesn’t matter.

Varun (Gurmeet Chaudhary) moves into a new house with his wife Arya (Sayani Datta) after their marriage.

They witness falling photo frames, open kitchen cabinets, and more.

The situation comes to a head when the maid’s child is found inside a running washing machine.

Varun, who does not believe in ghosts, begins to realize that something is wrong.

Arya is desperate to get rid of the ghost and so she meets Professor Das (Shweta Dhadich), a psychic.

She informs Varun of something that was buried deep inside him.

A secret that could destroy everything he has now.

Before I get into the negatives, which sadly outweigh the positives, let’s talk about what works for this movie.

There are predictable jump fears, but you still miss a shot whenever it happens.

The CGI scenes may not be fantastic, but there’s a noticeable improvement here, especially at the end.

The fears are not on your face, which is both cool and underwhelming.

After all, this is a horror movie.

If scenes like this don’t make the hairs on the back of your head stand on end, then they haven’t achieved their goal.

Wifethe pace is unlike any horror movie you’ve seen before.

It burns slowly and causes yawning.

For the first half hour or more, the ghost is slow.

He just doesn’t want his presence to be felt until tragedy strikes.

While this is a good exercise in unraveling a mystery, repetition pollutes the experience.

Some storylines seem convenient.

Like, for example, when the mystery is revealed, it is never explained why the ghost decides to haunt just then and not before.

There are scenes that could easily be cut, like the one where Arya is walking up the stairs when the elevator gets stuck on a certain floor.

In terms of performances, Gurmeet shines in a few moments but falls short in key scenes.

Debutante Sayani Datta is well suited for the role, but she needs to work on her Hindi diction.

Wife could have been a game-changer in the horror genre, but fell victim to sluggish execution.

Wife streams on ZEE5.

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