Dead Pool 3 is not a terribly difficult film to market. Marvel fans are already looking for all the information they can get about their next movie. The internet is scouring posts, podcasts, and footage for information, because the tiniest mistake the production missed could be the biggest reveal of what happens next in the MCU. And that’s just the average Marvel fan. Deadpool has one of the most corny audiences in all of Marvel, and those folks know their stuff. In truth, Ryan Reynolds could sneeze “Wade Wilson” and they’d be on it.

But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it doesn’t do a good job. Ryan Reynolds knows the game he plays, and he loves every second of it. The dead Pool movies are particularly good at recalling everything that fans care about, and Wade Wilson’s self-awareness makes him the only character capable of the comedic commentary fans want. Thus, when Reynolds publishes an article on Dead Pool 3, he knows his fans are watching. When he started stoking the fires for Dead Pool 3, all he had to do was joke that he had nothing to show. Now, even though the movie is over a year away, the marketing for Dead Pool 3 will be better focused than any other MCU film.


Ryan Reynolds knows his fans

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A year and a half ago, Reynolds released a 13-second video that was just a shot of Deadpool’s head in a bag, with Reynolds doing a short voiceover. It was titled “Deadpool 3 Teaser” and it came out when fans clamored for a new one. dead Pool sequel due to Disney’s relatively recent purchase of Fox.

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When fans clicked on the video, they were waiting for their first images of Dead Pool 3, but what they got was Reynolds jokingly telling the world “Oh, well, we don’t have anything like that.” That kind of sarcasm played out perfectly in a dialogue between Deadpool’s character and his fans, and everyone got riled up about the possibility of a new movie. Execs must have thought that if Reynolds could get people this excited in 13 seconds by telling them he had nothing, think how excited they would be for a two hour movie. Quite simply, it was easy to sell to everyone.

You can say it’s the talent, or you can say it’s the writing, but Ryan Reynolds’ spectacular irony is a perfect match for Deadpool. In a cinematic universe filled with massive CGI explosions and beautifully rendered environments, Reynolds gives you two actors, relaxing on a couch at home. When the Dead Pool 3 The announcement went official, Reynolds and Hugh Jackman posted a TikTok that nearly broke the internet. It was what everyone at Marvel was talking about all week. Reynolds announced very calmly Dead Pool 3 asking an apathetic Hugh Jackman, who was passing on the stairs, if he would play Wolverine in the movie. It was perfect in its simplicity. And giving fans a hint about the narrative made it all that much better.


Reynolds knows what his audience wants and how to give it to them. These low-key stunts didn’t require any massive budget or serious editing, it was just the right information at the right time. The Deadpool/Wolverine angle was just a good move for the movie, as it’s been a legendary comic book match ever since either character got their healing factor. What Reynolds can do now to promote his film won’t take much effort. Dead Pool 3 was one of the biggest announcements of phase 5 in the MCU, and it’s being developed almost entirely alongside anything Marvel has ever planned.

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For now, the release date of Dead Pool 3 is slated for November 8, 2024. That’s a long time to keep the hype going for a new Marvel movie. And it’s not like Reynolds is going to keep putting out ads and posts every week until the premiere. But the fan base is extremely loyal and everyone is still excited despite the long wait. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are now kind of chatting on social media. As they prepare for their big MCU debut, they both go back and forth, exchanging friendly barbs.

Recently, before the Oscar nominations were announced, Reynolds was nominated by the Academy for Best Original Song in his film. Fiery. Hugh Jackman got wind of it and, as an actor who started his career in musicals, begged Oscar voters on Instagram not to vote for him and began to worry about how Reynolds would not stop bragging if he won. Reynolds made his own reaction videos, poking the bear, so to speak, to ramp up the hype for the Wolverine vs. Deadpool rivalry. But the two stars have also complimented each other on their respective performances and have bonded quite well on social media.

There is no need for expensive ad campaigns or grand public stunts; the relationship between the actors is enough to generate hype in the fanbase. dead Pool may not be the most common Marvel IP, but it generates a lot of excitement for itself without trying very hard.