Film Courage: There is an afterglow with a large film where you need time to process. You come out of the theatre, it’s dark but you’re still in this world and you’re still in these characters. So it’s hard to go to another big one or anything else that loses something because that’s the beauty of loving a movie, is that you’re lost in it for weeks, sometimes almost a lifetime if it’s really that powerful.

Scott Menzel, film critic, writer, founder of the Hollywood Critics Association: Yeah, I think the problem as well is, and I’ve said this online and I’ve often gotten criticism of it, is that I don’t like to have an instant reaction to things but the way we as film critics are and what has kind of been programmed into our brains is that we want to react to something as soon as we see it. That’s what I keep saying about being first. Wanna step into that first screening, wanna be the first to see Batmanyou want to be the first to see Top Gun Maverick. There’s something special about being part of that initial buzz to be kind of like I saw this before other people. It’s not something about the ego, it’s just that kind of feeling of Wow I was important enough or this studio looked at me and trusted my opinion enough to include me in this first batch of reviews, this first batch of reactions. I often walk out of a movie and almost unconsciously the first thing I do is pull out my phone and just start recording the reactions. Even the stuff that came out, that movie came out but I still feel like I have to be a part of it. A few days ago we went to see Minions. I didn’t go to the press screening for that because it was a busy week. I wanted to see it in an ordinary theater. It was funny because I sing with everyone and yet as soon as it’s over, I take out my phone…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





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Born and raised in New Jersey, Scott Menzel has been a lifelong entertainment fanatic. Her love for cinema began at age five and only grew over the years. Scott began writing reviews in early 2002 and has been conducting interviews since 2010. He is currently the editor of We Live Entertainment and founder of the Hollywood Critics Association.

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