Hello robot fanatics! We’re the creators of the Robots Guide, IEEE’s interactive robotics site, and we need your help.

Today we are expanding our huge catalog to almost 250 robots, and we want your opinion to decide which robots are the coolest, most requested, and also the creepiest.

To cast your votes, search the site for the robots you are interested in and rate them based on design and features. Every Friday we collect votes to update our robot rankings.

Screenshot of the Robot Guide site showing the robot rating module with the overall rating, the required rating for that robot, and the appearance rating.Rate this robot: For each robot on the site, you can submit your overall rating, answer if you want to have this robot, and rate its appearance.IEEE Spectrum

May the coolest (or creepiest) robot win!

We currently have 242 robots in our collection, including humanoids, drones, social robots, submersibles, exoskeletons, self-driving cars, and more.

Screenshot of the Robot Handbook showing the robot rating page with three ratings: There are three ratings in the Robot Manual: “Most Rated”, “Most Wanted” and “Most Creepy”.IEEE Spectrum

You can explore the collection by filtering the robots by category, ability, and country, or by sorting them by name, year, or size. And you can also search robots by keywords.

In particular, check out some of the new additions that could use more votes. These include some really cool robots like LOVOT, Ingenuity, GITAI G1, Tertill, Salto, Proteus and SlothBot.

Each robot profile includes detailed technical specifications, photos, videos, history, and some also have interactive elements that allow you to move and rotate the robots on the screen 360º.

And note that these are all real robots. If you are looking for sci-fi robots, check out our new Face-Off: Sci-Fi Robots game.

Robot redesign

Today we are also relaunching the Robot Guide website with a new fast and stylish design, more sections and games, and thousands of photos and videos.

The new site was developed by Pentagram, a prestigious design consultancy, in collaboration with Standard, a design and technology studio.

The site is built as a modern, fully responsive web application. It is powered by Remix.run, a React-based web framework with structured content by Sanity.io and site search by Algolia.

More Highlights:

  • Explore about 250 robots
  • Make robots move and rotate 360º
  • Browse over 1000 amazing photos
  • Watch 900 videos of robots in action
  • Play Sci-Fi Robots Face-Off Game
  • Stay up to date with daily robot news
  • Check out the detailed technical specifications of each robot.
  • Robot Ratings: Top Rated, Most Wanted, Creepiest

The Robot Guide has been developed for anyone who wants to learn more about robotics, including robotics enthusiasts, both experts and beginners, researchers, entrepreneurs, STEM educators, teachers, and students.

The Robot Guide is based on the IEEE Robots app, which has been downloaded 1.3 million times and is used in STEM classrooms and programs around the world.

The Robot Manual is an editorial product IEEE Spectrumthe world’s leading technology and engineering journal and the flagship publication of the IEEE.

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