Home News When it comes to taking steps to fight climate change, Americans broadly support

When it comes to taking steps to fight climate change, Americans broadly support

When it comes to taking steps to fight climate change, Americans broadly support


When it comes to taking steps to fight climate change, Americans broadly support six key Biden administration proposals meant to transition the U.S. to renewable sources of energy, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.⁠

Each of the proposals was part of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, which received no support from Republican lawmakers, and was effectively killed when Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., refused to back it.⁠

Asked if they favored or opposed “providing tax credits to Americans who install clean energy systems, like solar power, in their homes,” 89% said they favored that idea, while 11% said they opposed it.⁠

On whether the U.S. should provide “tax incentives to businesses to promote their use of wind, solar and nuclear power.” 75% of Americans said they favored that proposal while 24% said they opposed it. Most experts say that a combination of wind, solar and nuclear power will be needed for the U.S. to reach the Biden administration’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.⁠

Earlier this month, the Biden administration finalized tougher fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. In its poll, Gallup asked respondents their view on the idea of “setting higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, trucks and buses.” Seventy-one percent said they favored that proposal, while 28% said they opposed it.⁠

Sixty-two percent of Americans said they favor “establishing strict limits on the release of methane in the production of natural gas,” while 35% oppose doing so. In November of last year, the Biden administration released a detailed plan for how to do just that.⁠

The average price of a new electric vehicle is $56,437, roughly 10,000 higher than that of a new gasoline powered car, according to Kelly Blue Book. To help close this gap, the Biden administration has proposed offering tax credits tho those who opt for an EV, which do not emit greenhouse gasses that cause climate change. Asked in the Gallup poll about the idea of “providing tax credits to individuals who purchase electric vehicles,” 61% said they favored the proposal, while 38% said they opposed it.⁠

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  1. Climate Change is another way to scam the people out of their money. Democrats always overtax, raise prices, and then say “it’s a good thing”

  2. At the time of 9hrs following this post, it had around 400 likes. This yahoo news Instagram page has 300k+ followers. So .0013% of people agree. Let’s convince China and India to stop dumping mercury in rivers, then maybe we can address the pollution my truck generates as I drive to work.

  3. If it looks, smells and feels like dog crap, it most likely is. This article is a pile of it just like the crap this agenda is trying to save us from.

  4. He has no idea what it means to salute anybody past or present in the military that’s right he never Served

  5. I am in complete disbelief that the Demoncrats hasn’t demanded that he take cognitive tests! He obviously isn’t fit to run bath water, let alone the United States. It just shows how unpatriotic the organization really is! They don’t care about Americans, the only thing they care about is being able to step on and across a senile old man to push their agendas with absolutely no resistance whatsoever!

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