Home Technology What’s new in the Chrome 116 beta: Better private browsing screens

What’s new in the Chrome 116 beta: Better private browsing screens

What’s new in the Chrome 116 beta: Better private browsing screens


Latest Technology News: What’s new in the Chrome 116 beta: Better private browsing screens

Google has just released Chrome 115 as a stable version, which means a slot in the beta program is free. That’s where Chrome 116 Beta comes in, and it comes with some cool updates that set it apart from other smaller versions of Chrome. It is expected to become stable as early as August 9, when it will roll out gradually for a few users until a wider rollout a week later. Here’s everything you need to know about it.



Chrome 116 makes Memory Saver effect clearer on desktop

Google has some improvements in store for its Memory Saver, a recent addition to Chrome that automatically suspends tabs when you haven’t accessed them for a while to save power and memory. Right now, there’s no visible indicator that a website is hanging, and you don’t really know how much memory the process is saving in any case. Chrome 116 seeks to address both of these issues.

Google describes that there will be increased visibility of deleted tabs and you will have more information about the memory usage of inactive tabs. This is achieved by graying out the favicons of suspended websites. When you hover over them, you’ll see new memory saving stats below the preview window that displays site content. Additionally, the familiar memory saver icon that appears in the address bar when you restore a site now shows a much more detailed chart showing how much memory you saved by suspending the site, along with a concrete number of MBs.

Chrome 116 extends Material You to desktop


Google Chrome is working on a Material You-inspired redesign for the desktop version of Chrome, and version 116 adds a few more advancements. When you use dark mode and enable the chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 flag, you’ll see even more interface elements pull colors from your selected Chrome theme. This is the case of the overflow menu, which takes on a subtle tint depending on the color of your theme.


At the same time, the company is working on combining Microsoft’s transparent window background effect with Material You. The active tab gets a Material You treatment while the rest of the top app bar pulls colors from the desktop or window behind them, creating a transparent frosted glass-like effect.

Chrome 116 wants to make business access on Android even faster

Old vs New Behavior

When you search for a place on Chrome for Android, you’re probably looking for specific information about it, like how to get there or what reviews say about it. Google Chrome 116 recognizes that this is an often-requested feature and is testing adding shortcuts to the auto-complete interface. When it thinks you are looking for a business, it will give you deep links to reviews and directions on Google Maps as well as a shortcut to call the location.

Chrome 116 brings improved incognito screenshots to Android

Chrome has long allowed you to take screenshots in incognito mode with the correct flag enabled (chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot). However, this method had the disadvantage that previews were allowed for incognito tabs in the recent apps overview, which may not be ideal. Google is fixing this on Android 13 and newer with a new API that allows the system to block previews and screenshots in the multitasking overview while allowing you to take screenshots while in the app itself. It is accessible via the chrome://flags/#improved-incognito-screenshots flag.

Download Chrome 116 now

The new beta is available in the usual places. It’s rolling out to the Play Store on its list of dedicated apps for Android, and you can either download your existing Chrome Beta installation on desktop or get it from Google’s Chrome Beta website. As always, a beta version isn’t as stable as the final release, so expect the occasional bug or two and don’t rely on it to do important work.


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