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The fate of Trevor Philips after the latest GTA Online update indicates that he is still very much alive. However, players looking to uncover everything that happened should be aware that it’s a bit more complicated. Note that everything discussed here was relevant to the San Andreas Mercenaries update. If this character returns in a future update, it will not be referenced here.

Nonetheless, there are still several DLCs that hint at what Trevor Philips has been up to over the past few years. Remember, Grand Theft Auto 5 was set in 2013. All recent GTA Online updates have come in current years, which means it’s possible to determine this character’s current status within the series.

Trevor Philips became a lifestyle coach in GTA Online

He’s not dead (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC had a mission known as Casino – Strong Arm Tactics, referring to Tao Cheng’s survival in The Third Way mission. This meant that Trevor Philips was only alive after Grand Theft Auto 5 ended.

Smuggler’s Run, a previous update, had Ron Jakowski say the following in a cutscene after the player purchased a shed:

“Tre…uh, my best friend…he’s supposed to protect me forever…so he’s going all Vinewood on me…he’s too important to Ron now…he’s a guru…he’s a lifestyle coach…I don’t know what he is…”

This means that four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto 5, Trevor Philips has decided to become a guru of sorts. It’s a bit vague, but that’s all we know about the former protagonist’s new career.

It’s not until 2021 that GTA Online players will hear about this character again. The Contract DLC has a security guard who can randomly comment on a number of characters. One thing he can say is this:

“Hey, that crazy guy came by earlier, dressed like a bum. Like really pissed off, he swore it and Mr. Clinton used to work together. I got really pissed off when I said he wasn’t available. I had to stop him from shitting on the desk. Seriously. If you have a minute with Mr. Clinton, will you let him know?”

The only character this description would fit would be Trevor Philips. This meant he was still alive in 2021.

The Fooligans reprized his role in Sandy Shores for the most part (Image via Rockstar Games)

Los Santos Drug Wars was the last major GTA Online update to reference Trevor Philips. This DLC basically showed how all of his old businesses no longer worked, which is why Dax and his friends took over. It was the last time he was referenced.

The GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update didn’t contain any more details on what this character could do from 2023.

Other notes on Trevor Philips in GTA Online

How he appeared in one of the old GTA Online content (Image via Rockstar Games)

It’s worth mentioning that this character also gave GTA Online protagonists the Series A funding heist and some minor contact missions. However, all of these actions could only have taken place before Grand Theft Auto 5, making them less relevant to determining its fate in the modern era.

He could still appear in a future update, which could introduce new content, fix bugs like GTA Online money issues, and more.

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