Home Technology Weird scrolling on Pixel 7 Pro won’t be so weird anymore

Weird scrolling on Pixel 7 Pro won’t be so weird anymore

Weird scrolling on Pixel 7 Pro won’t be so weird anymore


Ever since the Pixel 7 Pro fell into the hands of Google fans, many have noticed a strange scrolling effect that didn’t completely ruin the experience of the phone, but also felt wrong, like a bug that needed to be fixed. This scrolling bug seems to be getting fixed after all this time, almost 4 months since Google first tracked it down.

The bug or problem shows up when you try to swipe across the screen to create a fairly typical scroll. The user interface of the phone will essentially freeze or not move as far as you would expect. A quick swipe scrolls the screen a bit and then stops both horizontally and vertically. He felt sluggish and turned off.

I can tell you that at least a few people have asked if my Pixel 7 Pro does this, and I can confirm that it does. As someone who’s spent most of the past few months with the regular Pixel 7, this was painfully noticeable when I switched to the Pixel 7 Pro. However, my Pixel 7 Pro is running the latest build of Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.1 and doesn’t seem to be producing that weird stutter anymore. Hopefully this is a sign that Google has implemented a fix for the big March Pixel Feature Drop update.

In the official IssueTracker thread (which was posted on Reddit this week), a Google employee confirmed that they are “aware of this issue and are working on improvements for the upcoming software update. Keep in mind that this bug was assigned to a Google employee back in November, but this recent update suggests they have identified the issue and should take care of it soon enough.

They didn’t set any time frame for the release, only saying that “an upcoming software update” should improve it. Again, my Pixel 7 Pro is running what will eventually become the big March update and I can no longer reproduce the issue. Maybe in a couple of weeks they will finally fix it here.