Home News War crimes in #Ukraine: Can #Putin be held accountable?


  1. “As strange as it may sound today, I have always said this, we are the same people: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. What is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy without doubts” Putin

  2. Where’s the Idlib Trials then? The investigators weren’t allowed in. Maybe the International Criminal Court should rethink how they acquire their intel. Also no one should be exempt from their authority.

  3. Please mention that yea bailed from this court because gWBush Chaney felt they could be dragged in due to illegal wars gitmo etc the USA committed. We need to rejoin and be global good guys not war mongers.

  4. Can the Biden family be held accountable for lying back then about Hunter‘s laptop during the presidential debates by saying he never made money from China and the whole thing is Russian disinformation or for the border Invasion we see for months now?

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  6. The question is… who’s gonna be that russian hero who takes out the little dictator

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