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RIYADH: An increasingly familiar sight in Saudi malls is of people stretching their legs and walking past shoppers.

Mall walking, or mallercise, is a safe and free option for people who want to be physically active and prefer not to pay high fees to join a gym. It is especially appealing when hot weather makes outdoor activities too uncomfortable. Indeed, walking in malls has become common among Saudi residents, a way to keep tabs on sales while burning calories.

Walking is widely considered one of the most beneficial core forms of exercise, and step counting is a great motivational tactic for achieving fitness goals. So, for many men and women, an hour’s walk to the mall is a two-for-one.

Manal Alanazi, a 40-year-old Saudi resident of Riyadh, told Arab News: I like to walk at night, and walking around the mall is my best option as I feel safer than walking around my neighborhood. There is a security guard at each door and all around the mall.

I’ve been a custodian for a long time and can tell when people walk into the mall if they’re there for shopping or exercising.

Ahmed SaidMall security guard

There are more men than women walking around malls, according to Ahmed Saeed, security guard at Al-Nakheel mall in Riyadh.

I have been a caretaker for a long time and can tell when people enter the mall whether they are there for shopping or exercising, he said, adding that walking in the mall is particularly popular during Ramadan. This is the busiest period. Partly because of Eid shopping, but mostly because people are trying to maintain weight or lose weight before Eid.

As the number of malls across the Kingdom increases, so does the number of walkers in malls. However, as noted by Saeed Abdullah, a 58-year-old retired engineer from Eastern Province, not all malls are suitable for exercise.

I live in Dammam, and although there are several malls here, I only go to one particular mall for my daily walk as it is structured like an indoor running track, he said.

Mall walking is particularly suitable for older people who may not want to go to a crowded gym and for whom many sports can now pose a physical risk. Fatmah Alomar, a physical trainer at a gym in Riyadh, said we hardly see any old people. Most of our gym members are young girls and middle aged women.

In recent years, we have added an indoor running track in our gymnasiums to attract more seniors to join our centers, and there is a set of machines to help those with knee pain, Alomar continued.

The trend of walking in malls suggests that people in the Kingdom have found creative ways to work on their fitness. Sports Boulevard, one of the megaprojects being developed in Riyadh, will also make safe and comfortable walking spaces more accessible to city dwellers.

Planned to be the largest linear park in the world, Sports Boulevard will include more than 50 sports facilities to promote the physical and social health of everyone in Riyadh, providing an alternative, permanent and superior option for those who exercise in shopping malls, said Ahmad bin Askar, Communications Director of Sports Boulevards.

One of the main goals of Sports Boulevard is to encourage residents of all age groups, including senior citizens, to participate in grassroots sports. It will be a combination of green living through state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, according to bin Askar.

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