Many know Benedict Cumberbatch for his myriad roles, including that of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character has proven to be one of the franchise’s most dedicated heroes, despite the fact that he tends to cause a few issues here and there. However, Cumberbatch is not above heroism in his daily life. A video, which has since gone viral on Facebook and TikTok, shows the actor defending a fan, who was asking for an autograph.

The barricades didn’t seem to be enough as fans waited for Benedict Cumberbatch to exit a building in Times Square, according to the staple. Fans seemed to take turns pushing against the barriers while jostling each other. The aforementioned fan seemed to be patiently waiting for Cumberbatch to appear, as she was jostled by others around her. And when the Oscar-winning actor saw the distressed fan, he repeatedly asked the crowd to move away from her and give some space. Funny enough, the female fan didn’t even realize the MCU star was asking the crowd to fire her. And as if that weren’t enough, when people started apologizing, the sherlock the actor asked that his apology be directed to the pushed fan and not him. Here is the video of the sweet interaction of ICT Tac:

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