Latest Kerala Local News: Vice police: 4 arrested for assaulting 6 people returning

Kasaragod: Police in Melparamba have arrested four people for assaulting a group of six holidaymakers – three women and three men – returning from Bekal Fort, in what appears to be a case of moral policing.

Those arrested were identified as Abdul Manzoor TA (41 years old) from Kalnad, Abdul Khader Afeeq K (37 years old) from Chemnad, Mohammed Nizar (38 years old) from Chattanchal and Arif BK (32 years old) from Deli in the Chemnad panchayat.

The first two accused were previously arrested for theft, and the third accused in a drug and drunk driving case, said an officer from the Melparamba police station.

Police said the travelers were harassed and assaulted when they stopped outside a restaurant in Melparamba, 10 km from Bekal Fort, on Sunday evening.

Back from birthday

One of the boys, who turned 18 on Sunday, invited his classmate for his birthday to Bekal Fort, the officer said. She arrived with her 17-year-old friend. The birthday boy also came with his friend, and the four took a bus to Bekal from Kasaragod town.

On the way back, the birthday boy’s older brother and his fiancé picked up the four from Bekal in their car.

They pulled up outside the restaurant in Melparamba but did not immediately get out of the car because of the rain, police said. This led to a group of men interrogating and harassing the travellers.

“When one of the women confronted them, she was attacked. They also attacked a man,” another officer said.

Based on the travelers’ complaint, the police charged the four defendants with assault on women with intent to outrage their modesty (CPI Section 354), criminal intimidation (CPI S 506), lewd acts (CPI S 294 (B),), unlawful assembly (S 143), riot (S 147), wrongful detention (S 341), willful injury ( S 325).

Section 354 carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.

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