Back in mid-2022, Verizon sent out a “value customer” discount text message to a range of customers with $10 to $25 off their wireless bills per month. We made sure to share the discount news because it came via text message and also asked you to call Verizon to get it. These types of instructions may look a bit dubious and we wanted to confirm that you what messages and discounts were legal.

Verizon seems to be sending out another wave of valuable customer discounts this week. People across the Verizon subreddit are sharing their joy at receiving text messages giving many discounts for the first time, while others say they’re seeing additional discounts on top of those previously received.

It’s hard to tell who is eligible for what level of discounts, but once again we’re seeing a decent range of $10 to $25. But seriously, some people have weighed in to share that they are seeing valuable new customer discounts in addition to the discounts they saw a few months ago. For some, that means a $25 off on top of a $10 off, a couple of $10 offs, and at least one follower who says they already had a $25 off and are now getting another $15 on top of it. Wouldn’t we all like to get $40 monthly off our wireless bill?

As with the latest wave of these discounts, not all accounts are eligible for them. We don’t really know how Verizon decides who to give discounts to, but most have had unlimited or 5G plans in the past.

Also, if you didn’t receive the text message, you might just not be eligible this time around. This time I didn’t see the text, at least not yet. I will say that I was tempted to even ping Verizon via chat on their website to find out. In past discounts, you could either call the listed number or get in touch with a live agent on Verizon Chat.

Please tell me you’re double off – I want to give you a high five.