This week, Verizon is going to raise rates on a bundle of plans, all of which are outdated and haven’t been offered for some time. No, this isn’t another rate hike on this old unlimited plan – it’s a bunch of another unlimited plans.

The support page posted by Verizon details the upcoming changes and all 9 plans affected. These 9 unlimited plans will increase the price by $2/month per phone line as early as April 10, 2023. There are no other changes, only an increase in the monthly cost if you continue using one of these plans.

The full list of plans considering this increase can be found below:

  • Jump Unlimited 1.0
  • Unlimited Loyalty
  • Go Unlimited Welcome Back
  • Beyond Unlimited 1.0
  • Verizon’s New Unlimited Data Plan $110
  • New Verizon Plan Unlimited Smartphone for $65
  • 55+ Unlimited plan
  • 55+ Unlimited Loyalty Plan
  • Unlimited business plan

If you need advice on how to avoid a $2 a month raise, I don’t have it. Verizon’s advice to avoid the new price suggests either switching to one of their current unlimited plans or opting for a prepaid plan. That’s all. There is no other way out of this increase if you want to keep your current plan listed above.

When this $2/month increase appears on your bill, Verizon says you’ll see a “Proposed Rate Adjustment” line in the One-Time Payments and Credits section for the first month. After that, you will see the same plan rate adjustment in the Plans section, because you pay the monthly service in advance.

I wonder what the new plan might look like? Find the latest Verizon prepaid plans here. Find all of Verizon’s latest unlimited postpaid plans here.

Verizon first confirmed this increase just over a month ago, but it’s time for that increase.