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Homologation and certification of new car models today require millions of test kilometers in various environmental conditions, on different types of roads in different countries of the world.

Due to the increased complexity of automated driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), as well as new developments in radar technology, testing efforts are expanding very quickly. Simply relying on road tests is no longer practical.

The Rohde & Schwarz Radar Test System opens up completely new possibilities for testing radar-based ADAS and AD functions to ensure correct operation on hardware-in-loop (HiL) and vehicle-in-loop (ViL) test benches. .

In addition, scenario testing of autonomous driving features on public roads can be dangerous and difficult to replicate.

As a result, testing of automotive radars in hardware scenario (HiL) and vehicle in loop (ViL) is becoming increasingly important.

Your problems:

  • End-to-end verification, validation, calibration or homologation of AD/ADAS functions at the component and entire vehicle level
  • Reproduction of complex traffic scenarios, imitation of car radars on the air
  • Ensuring that radar target generation test equipment and specifications are scalable to cover a growing number of targets and future complex scenarios.
  • Meet the increased requirements for test complexity in ADAS target simulation at minimal cost and faster time to market

RTS Features:

  • Automotive radar target simulator for testing a driving scenario that can be easily defined and executed with maximum reproducibility.
  • Comprehensive vehicle radar object modeling including multiple sensors, wireless
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability with fully electronic antenna arrays
  • Fully scalable, covering all use cases from R&D to manufacturing, easily upgradeable to meet future requirements.

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