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Trance Malayalam Movie Official – Trailer

Trance Malayalam Movie  Official – Trailer

Trance Malayalam Movie Official – Trailer

Trance Malayalam movie-language psychological drama film directed and produced by Anwar Rasheed and written by Vincent Vadakkan. It features Fahadh Faasil in the lead role, while Dileesh Pothan, Gautham Menon, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nazriya Nazim, Soubin Shahir, and Vinayakan play supporting roles. Amal Neerad was the cinematographer and newcomer Jackson Vijayan composed the film’s songs, the background score was by Vijayan and Sushin Shyam.

The plot follows the events in the life of Viju Prasad, a Kanyakumari-based despondent motivational speaker, an atheist, who is hired by a corporate body to work as a Christian pastor. Filming began in July 2017 and was completed in September 2019. Trance was released in Kerala on 20 February 2020. [2]

Viju Prasad is a small-time motivational speaker living in Kanyakumari with his mentally unstable younger brother, Kunjan. When Kunjan commits suicide, Viju is devastated and relocates to Mumbai. There through a casting director he had once met at Kanyakumari, Viju meets businessmen Solomon Davis and Issac Thomas, who hire Viju to pose as a Christian pastor and perform hoax miracles. He is sent to Kochi where he is trained for his role by their associate Avarachan, who changes Viju’s name to Joshua Carlton. Initially hesitant, Viju successfully transforms into the character of Joshua. He captures the devotion of many and help Solomon and Issac’s enterprise grow into a global phenomenon.

At the height of his fame, Joshua is invited to an TV interview by a reporter named Matthews. On air, Matthews demands a live miracle. Joshua secretly drugs Matthews during a commercial break, causing him to collapse in front of the camera. The event is initially hailed as a miracle but a subsequent blood report proves that he was drugged. Furious at having put their enterprise in trouble, Solomon and Issac attack Joshua, leading him to be hospitalised with severe head injuries. He remains in coma for two days and they decide to quietly kill him to avoid any further trouble. However, on the third day, Joshua starts moving about and shatters the glass by his bedside, making a miraculous recovery. He renegotiates his deal with Solomon and Issac to secure 80% of the profits for himself. Suspecting that Joshua is mentally ill, Solomon and Issac agree. They appoint a model and sex worker named Esther Lopez to observe him and determine whether his illness is an act. Esther herself has a past of being cheated in a relationship, giving birth to a child, falling into depression and then coming into this profession. Esther eventually grows close to Joshua and believes that he is really unstable. When she reports this to Solomon and Issac, she is immediately taken away. Avarachan tries to convince Joshua that Esther was a figment of his imagination.

Meanwhile, a poor man named Thomas, who is an ardent follower of Joshua, tries to cure his young daughter’s fever through his miracle cures. When she ultimately succumbs to her sickness, Joshua is devastated. He comes clean to Thomas and points him to Solomon and Isaac as the masterminds behind the scam. Joshua tries to publicise the truth by sending a confessional tape to Matthews. Matthews is killed on Solomon’s orders but in his dying moments, manages to air the video. As it goes public, Avarachan suffers a fatal stroke. Thomas kills Solomon and Isaac to avenge his daughter’s death.

Joshua is acquitted from his crimes due to his mental state and spends time at a rehabilitation centre. When he recovers, he learns that Esther is in fact a real person and sets out to Amsterdam to find her. He finds her in one of the glass cubicles in the Red light area in Amsterdam. They see each other, and as she runs to him, the film cuts to black to the sound of shattering glass.