‘Why Top Shooter: Maverick made?
“The only reason I can think of is that the new film was made to highlight and restore Tom Cruise’s superstar status,” notes Asim Chabra, who watched the film. Best shooter sequel at the premiere in Cannes.

IMAGE: Tom Cruise in Top Shooter: Maverick.

There was a time when Tom Cruise was a very big world star. And if we had any doubts, the Cannes Film Festival this week featured a 13-minute showreel ahead of the world premiere of Cruise’s latest film. Top Shooter: Maverick.

There were clips of Cruise dancing in her underwear to the music of Bob Seger. vintage rock and roll from one of the star’s early films risky business (1983); to his outburst of anger at his autistic older brother, played by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man (1988); his explosive courtroom scenes with Jack Nicholson, from A few good men (1992); to one of his most famous lines, “Show me the money”, from Jerry Maguire (1996); collection of sequences from Mission impossible a franchise that continues to maintain its fame; and much more.

Of course, the showreel also included quite a few clips from Cruise’s first international hit, Tony Scott’s $350 million film. Best shooter (1986).

Cruise’s Maverick in the movie was sassy, ​​downright charming and sexy.

Further Top Shooter: MaverickCruz still has charisma, his charming smile that lights up his face and eyes, his perfect teeth. But he’s older.

The actor turns 60 in July, although he still maintains his body and does his best. Mission impossible tricks. But he also looks tired, possibly bruised and battered by the bad reputation he’s earned since becoming a prominent spokesman for the Church of Scientology.

Top Shooter: Maverick — delayed by two years due to the pandemic — engulfed in nostalgia for my favorite 1986 movie.

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is still the fastest test pilot ever, and he has a way of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by challenging his superiors.

The cast includes another generation of young, good looking, mostly white, and very brash trainees at the elite Naval Pilot School in San Diego.

They participate in a team building football scene on the beach, showing off their shiny bronze bodies, similar to the volleyball scene with shiny bronze bodies in the first movie.

Cruise also has a love interest, this time played by Jennifer Connelly.

And there’s even a nod to Val Kilmer’s self-assured Iceman with a very brief appearance by the cancer-stricken actor.

Kilmer says a couple of lines, barely audible, since he has throat cancer.

In the first film, Cruise’s Maverick was one of many characters that defined the story. Cruise became a big star after the film’s huge success.

While Cruz got the highest score, Best shooter was an ensemble with Iceman, Charlie Kelly McGillis, Gus Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan who played Goose’s wife Carol. They were equal to Cruise’s Maverick.

In the sequel, every character played by Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Connelly, and all the young, handsome supporting actors play subordinate roles to Maverick Cruise.

Jingoism and air conflict in Best shooter was inspired by a live shootout between American and Libyan fighter jets.

In the new movie, the conflict is mostly fictional – a rogue country reprocessing uranium or something. And this effort must be stopped.

In 2022, the US will have fewer enemies. Russia and China don’t count because the US will never go to war with those two countries.

Donald Trump is no longer president, so the chances of American airstrikes on Iran are zero.

The US has left Iraq in disarray after years of pointless war.

Just last year, the US suffered one of its most humiliating defeats in Afghanistan as the Taliban occupied the entire country without any resistance.

And so in Top Shooter: Maverick, the film’s writers invent conflict to capture the feel of the original drama. But what the cause lacks is the urgency, the convincing thought that the US is in trouble and these elite fighters will come to the aid of the nation.

It begs the question – why Top Shooter: Maverick made? And the only reason I can think of is that the new movie was made to highlight and restore Tom Cruise’s superstar status.

Otherwise, the film – an imitator of the original – does not make sense. It’s a poor reflection of the first movie, which felt so edgy and smart and interesting.

So, if you ever liked Tom Cruise and maybe you still like him, Top Shooter: Maverick will work for you. Because the whole movie Cruise says, “Look at me. I’m still the biggest star I was in the 1980s and 1990s.”

But if you belong to a generation that doesn’t know or care who Tom Cruise is, or rather, was once upon a time, the new movie might not be for you.

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