How we will live in the 2030s is being determined now. Our health, our prosperity and our very world are built on the ideas created today. At Clarivate, we are focused on exploring what humanity knows today and proposing an idea that explores all possible horizons—horizons that enable transition and transformation.

For 12 years, Clarivate has identified companies and institutions whose research and innovation is not just on the cutting edge, but defining it. Today we celebrate the top 100 global innovators of 2023, companies that have chosen to lead and have created their own horizons.

Download the report to see who made the list and more, including:

  • Emerging trends and projected novelties in this year’s analysis
  • Which regions are showing more, less, or are on the list for the first time
  • Interaction between research and invention and this year’s novelties, 50 research institutes whose papers are most often cited in the Top 100


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