Latest World News: Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West

The occupied West Bank is currently experiencing a period of escalating violence, marked by repeated Israeli raids that show no sign of abating.

Three Palestinians have been shot dead by the Israeli army in the occupied northern West Bank, the latest deaths in an outbreak of violence in the territory since the start of last year.

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli bullets in Nablus, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced on Tuesday, adding that the identities of those killed were still unknown.

The Israeli army said three armed terrorists opened fire on its soldiers from a vehicle in a Nablus neighborhood and troops returned fire to neutralize them.

Hamas later claimed the three as members of the group.

Nablus is the territory’s commercial capital and a major focus of Israeli military raids.

Palestinian media described the killings as an ambush following the Palestinians’ alleged attack on Israeli forces near a Jewish settlement overlooking Nablus.

A member of the Israeli army stands guard at the scene (Raneen Sawafta/Reuters)

Palestine TV showed footage of a military vehicle blocking access to the incident area, including an ambulance, as soldiers appeared to conduct an inspection.

The Israeli army said they confiscated three M16 rifles and other equipment from their car.

Escalation of violence

The occupied West Bank is currently experiencing a period of escalating violence, marked by repeated Israeli raids that show no sign of abating.

Earlier this month, Israel pounded the Jenin refugee camp with drones and missiles as hundreds of troops swarmed the area. Twelve Palestinians, including three children, were killed, along with an Israeli soldier.

The number of Palestinians killed this year in the occupied Palestinian territories, which includes East Jerusalem and Gaza, is over 200, with the majority of deaths recorded in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus’ far-right ultranationalist coalition has rejected talks with Palestinian leaders, sought to expand illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and pushed for a more aggressive approach to Palestinian attacks.

The raids have only become deadlier under the far-right government.

On Friday, Israeli forces killed two Palestinian teenagers in the occupied West Bank.

One of the boys, identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as 17-year-old Muhammad Fouad Atta al-Bayed, was shot in the head.

The other was Fawzi Hani Makhalfeh, who was driving with his friend Mohammed Mukheimar when Israeli forces opened fire on their car.

Children stand next to a bullet-riddled car on July 22, 2023 in which a Palestinian was killed late the day before by Israeli forces, in an incident described by the military as an attempted car-ramming in the town of Sebastia near Nablus in the West Bank (Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP)

Earlier this month in Umm Safa, Palestinian health officials said Abdel-Jawad Hamdan Saleh, 24, was also shot in the chest by Israeli forces during a protest.

Last month, several dozen illegal settlers ransacked the village in the occupied West Bank, burning vehicles and homes during days of back-to-back vigilante attacks following the fatal shooting of four Israeli settlers at a gas station between the Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Nablus.

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