A few weeks ago I came across an exciting Dead Pool 3 plot leak which made me hope it was real. But I was wrong to pass judgment so quickly. Turns out there’s another mind-blowing Dead Pool 3 plotting a leak there that’s even cooler than the first one. This is certainly the funnier of the two possibilities. And no, they can’t both be right, so at least one of them is wrong.

Obviously, there’s no way to verify if either leak is accurate. Maybe both are fanfiction. Also, Dead Pool 3 premieres in November 2024, assuming Marvel doesn’t postpone the release, so chances are I’ll come across more plot leaks before then. That said, the following leak is certainly exciting, as you will soon see for yourself.

But before going any further, I must warn you that big Dead Pool 3 spoilers may follow.

The world of magneto Dead Pool 3 plot leak

We’ll call the late April leak the Magneto World plot. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a “Deadpool kills the Fox universe” story, but with an amazing twist. Magneto (Ian McKellen) is the ruler of this universe, having defeated the Avengers. He unified the X-Men and got Mjolnir from Thor (Chris Hemsworth), which sounds very exciting.

TVA captures Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) after he alters the timeline in Deadpool 2 and instructs him to kill everyone in this world. He’ll have to partner with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) for this task, with a TVA handler overseeing Wade Wilson and Logan. That partner could be Matthew Macfadyen, as I assumed at the time.

Deadpool 3 “Part Hugh” update: video by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Image sources: Youtube

The reason why this Dead Pool 3 the plot leak makes sense is easy to guess. Marvel can bring Fox’s X-Men to the MCU without moving them. It would be a big change of pace in the world of the Avengers, where we only have a few mutants at the moment.

It’s also a great way to dispatch some of those characters. Marvel will recast many of Fox’s mutants. Maybe everyone except Deadpool. And there seemed to be further evidence that Dead Pool 3 will have Magneto as the main villain.

The problem with the Magneto World Dead Pool 3 plot leak is Avengers: Secret Wars, something the new leak points out. Why Kill The X-Men Now When You Can Use Them In The Next One avengers blockbuster and kill them then?

The mojo world Dead Pool 3 plot leak

Fast forward to mid-May and there’s another 4chan Dead Pool 3 plot leak we’re going to call Mojo World. As you might have guessed, Marvel’s Mojo would be the villain in this story.

I remind you that Marvel leaks cannot be verified, especially those that come from 4chan. But dozens of 4chan leaks in the past have proven to be accurate. And, like the previous one, this new leak makes sense.

There is one thing the two have in common. The TVA will supposedly punish Deadpool for his actions in the previous film. But Deadpool and Wolverine won’t kill everyone in Mojo World. Instead, they will convince the other X-Men to work together to defeat the villains, Spiral and Mojo.

Rumor has it that Emma Corrin will play one of the film’s villains. Perhaps the main one.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Korg (Taika Waititi) react to a trailer for Free Guy. Image source: Ryan Reynolds

THE Dead Pool 3 the plot leak teases “a very dope Wolverine vs. Wolverine fight,” which makes sense. Hugh Jackman teased that he could play multiple versions of Logan.

Come back to Secret Invasion, what’s great about this plot leak is that it allows Marvel to keep multiple Fox X-Men alive. Not only that, but they’ll be transplanted into the MCU after an incursion.

I always expected Deadpool and Wolverine to be part of the Avengers team taking on Kang in Secret Wars. If I were Marvel, I would use other Fox mutants in the movie as well. And that’s definitely the best way for them to die rather than the Merc with a Mouth killing them in Dead Pool 3.

Of course, Marvel could always snatch other mutants from the multiverse to avengers 6. But it’s better for the story if we get to know some of the X-Men before that. Rather than seeing disposables, like we had in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The complete leak

You can read the full Dead Pool 3 trace the leak below. But, again, take everything with a grain of salt:

A lot of things happen on Dead Pool 3, and there are some things that people get wrong. The whole goal of this movie is to reintroduce as many variations of the original [X-Men] film as much as possible in order to make them reappear Secret Wars.

Deadpool will violate VAT time traveling in the Deadpool 2 post-credit scene. TVA will do Deadpool exactly what it did with Loki and use it to clean something up…but this isn’t the Magneto World of previous rumors.

The villain is Spiral and Mojo, and Deadpool and Wolverine end up recruiting Magneto, Professor X, and other members of the X-Men to take on Mojo World.

It’s not Deadpool who kills the [X-Men] universe. There will be a very dope Wolverine vs. Wolverine fight.

At the end of the film, the world of Deadpool will face an incursion that will see Deadpool, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and various members of the X-Men and [X-Force] arrive at timeline 616 in the MCU. Get ready, this is about to be Marvel’s best movie.

While you’re at it, the YouTube channel Everything always has a great summary of the leak. You can check it below: