Another spoiler scenario for the new device came before Google could make it official, this time for the upcoming Pixel Tablet. Thanks to the Amazon Japan listing, we’re pretty sure we know most of the specs of the Google tablet that can control a smart home and can start focusing on the potential price.

Amazon’s listing was taken down pretty quickly, but it does offer the Pixel Tablet specs we’ve been asking about, such as display, RAM and storage configuration, camera setup, speaker count, connectivity level, and what exactly is coming. in the box. All of this has essentially been confirmed now, assuming this list is accurate. We have no reason to believe that this is not the case as the page and images appear to be official.

Here is the full list of Pixel Tablet specs so far:

  • Display: 10.95″ LCD, 2560×1600
  • CPU: Tensor G2, Titanium M2
  • RAM: 8 GB LPDDR5
  • storage: 128 GB or 256 GB (UFS 3.1)
  • cameras: Front 8 MP, rear 8 MP
  • Battery: 27 Wh
  • Audio: 4 speakers
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, UWB
  • In the box: Tablet, speaker charging dock, power adapter, user manual.
  • Model: GA04750

So we’re looking at a Google-made tablet with a high-resolution 11-inch LCD, Pixel 7 Pro’s Tensor G2, fast 8GB RAM, faster storage up to 256GB (probably no SD support), front and back. 8MP cameras in case you need them, a big enough battery, four speakers, and WiFi 6E for those sticking to WiFi standards. This list paints a picture of a solid tablet that should be able to handle most of your day to day tasks as it also doubles as a smart home hub to replace our aging Nest Hub devices.

The price listed by Amazon suggests 79,800 yen, which is almost $600 in the US. This conversion works here and there, so I wouldn’t like to tell you that you have to pay $600 for a Pixel tablet because it might not. What we do know is that a charging dock with speaker is included in the box. Since that’s part of the magic of this device, and it could cost $129, that’s good news.

The Pixel Tablet should come in a variety of colors, and this list confirms Hazel and Porcelain, as well as the June 20th launch.

Would you pay $600 for a Google Pixel tablet with a charging dock? Yes, we all hope that Google will surprise us with a $299 price tag, but by the minute it seems more and more unlikely.

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