Home Technology These are the only 2 reasons I’m excited about the iPhone 15 P

These are the only 2 reasons I’m excited about the iPhone 15 P

These are the only 2 reasons I’m excited about the iPhone 15 P


Latest Technology News: These are the only 2 reasons I’m excited about the iPhone 15 P

Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Its summer peak right now, though fall is right around the corner with back to school on the horizon. With that also comes Apple’s annual iPhone event.

This year, we’re definitely expecting the iPhone 15 lineup, as well as the Apple Watch Series 9, and possibly a new Apple Watch Ultra. Rumors about the iPhone 15 series have been going on for months, although there has also been a lot of back and forth, mostly regarding the iPhone 15 Pro models.

However, as we get closer to the reveal, the iPhone 15 becomes a little less exciting for me, especially compared to the excellent Android phones we’ve gotten so far in 2023. Even as a longtime iPhone user (I’ve used the iPhone since the original and every generation since), I have to admit that the iPhone itself is getting a little dull and, dare I say, boring.

Still, there are two things in particular I look forward to once Apple announces the iPhone 15 Pro assuming, of course, the rumors hold.

One cable to rule them all


EU rulings and regulations played a major role in Apple’s decision to switch to universal USB-C charging with the iPhone 15. Apple has already switched the iPad lineup to USB-C on all models, as well as all recent MacBooks (although you can also charge them with MagSafe 3). So really, the only devices that still hold up are the AirPods and the iPhone.

Honestly, I can’t wait to get a USB-C iPhone. Over the past few years, USB-C has become more prevalent on a host of devices, including tablets, portable game consoles, controllers, headphones, and battery packs. Most of the devices I use now have USB-C. This means I have a ton of USB-C cables around the house, which makes it really easy to grab any cable and plug something in.

Everything but my iPhone, that is. I still need a Lightning cable to charge my iPhone 14 Pro, as well as my AirPods Max and AirPods Pro 2, if I’m not using MagSafe.

I’m about to go on a family vacation in a few weeks, and I’m going to have to make sure I don’t forget a Lightning cable among all the other USB-C chargers and cables I have just to make sure I can charge my iPhone 14 Pro. And Lightning cables tend to wear out over time, so I have to try not to buy replacements right now, as they will (probably) become obsolete in a few months.

The move to USB-C for the iPhone can’t happen soon enough. Hopefully AirPods will follow suit too, so we can ditch unreliable Lightning cables forever and just use USB-C for everything.

Lights, camera, action button!

Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Another iPhone 15 Pro rumor that excites me is the supposed action button that will replace the mute toggle. Although the mute switch has been a part of traditional iPhone design for 15 years, its use is quite limited, it simply mute and unmute the iPhone. It’s time to change.

Apple introduced the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, and judging by the sounds of it, the iPhone 15 Pro (not the standard iPhone 15) will get it. In fact, I’m excited about this change because it opens up so many new possibilities to make your iPhone even more convenient.

For example, many Android phones let you double-press the power button to quickly launch the camera. I would love to have this kind of functionality on the iPhone, and if it does indeed get a customizable action button, that could be one of the settings for it.


The Apple Watch Ultra Action button has a bit of a limited range, but hopefully Apple expands the functionality of the iPhone 15 Pro. What I want is for the default button click to be to mute, or you can change it to something else. And I also wish there was a double tap action to bring up a different function, and maybe even a triple tap.

I know some people might not be so thrilled with this possible change of eliminating the mute toggle switch, but in the end I think it will be better for everyone. After all, people didn’t want the Home button gone, but almost everyone has adapted to Face ID.

And I’m sure you can always adjust the button to mute the phone if you want. But as someone who keeps my phones in perpetual silence for all eternity, I’d much more use an action button instead.

Not much else to expect

Render iPhone 15 pro 9to5Mac

Other than these two supposed features, honestly, there isn’t much else about the iPhone 15 Pro that’s exciting, at least to me. The rumored upcoming periscope lens will only supposedly be in the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, which I don’t like it because it’s just too big for me. While I’d love to see that come to the standard iPhone 15 Pro, which is probably the model I’m getting, it’s not very likely right now.

And while Apple is still updating camera hardware to be better every year, that really won’t mean anything until Apple stops the terrible over-sharpening and over-processing of images after capturing them with the native Camera app. Computer photography processes just don’t make photos look good, no matter how good the camera lenses are. When it comes to design, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro seem to be on the same path as their predecessors. I miss the same old look, and wish Apple would do something new with the design to shake things up a bit.

That means there’s not much I’m looking forward to with the iPhone 15 Pro, but as long as the USB-C and Action button rumors are true, it’ll still be enough to grab my attention when it’s announced in a few months.

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