Okay, the Google Pixel 7a was announced yesterday by Google and then immediately went on sale at the Google Store, Best Buy, and carriers. At $499, it’s a decently priced phone that likely tops its price tag. Like, this thing made the regular Pixel 7 a phone that almost no one should consider.

But what if you don’t want to pay the full $499 since Google phones are almost always discounted? You have several options to save money or at least get bonuses when buying a Pixel 7a.

These are the best Pixel 7a deals we can find today.

  • Best BuyA: Prior to launch, Best Buy is offering a $50 discount if you activate through your carrier. This brings the price down to $449. In addition to the discount, they will give you a $50 Best Buy gift card that you can spend on other things.
  • Best Buy Link

  • Google StoreA: If you buy directly from Google, you don’t necessarily get a discount, but you get free gifts and an exclusive color choice. Google has the Pixel 7a in coral, you get a free Pixel Buds A series ($99) and a limited edition case.
  • Link to the deal in the Google Store

  • AmazonA: Amazon is always the easy option, and they are essentially a Best Buy deal. Well, you won’t get an activation discount, but they will give you a $50 Amazon gift card that you can spend on anything. Can’t beat Amazon money, huh?
  • Link to Amazon Deal

  • GoogleFiA: Google’s wireless service doesn’t really offer much. They will technically give you one for free, but it comes in the form of credit bills paid out over 2 years.
  • Google Fi Deal Link

Want to buy from a carrier and need a deal there? The good news is that all carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) are selling the Pixel 7a. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Google was struggling to get carriers to buy their phones. Unfortunately, a couple of deals are very rough. Verizon and AT&T only offer free services or $2/month deals if you sign up for a 3-year contract. T-Mobile only offers exchanges up to $500 to try and get it for free.

Buy an unlocked one and use it from your carrier.


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