Home News The number of Indians seeking jobs abroad is increasing, around 1.00

The number of Indians seeking jobs abroad is increasing, around 1.00

The number of Indians seeking jobs abroad is increasing, around 1.00


Latest World News: The number of Indians seeking jobs abroad is increasing, around 1.00

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Vibha Sharma

Chandigarh, July 21

The number of people seeking employment abroad is increasing, as is the number of those who have successfully migrated to Emigration Required (ECR) countries through illegal agents, according to data provided by the Department of External Affairs (MEA) to Parliament.

Responding to a question on the number of people who migrated to ECR countries through illegal agents in 2020, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in a written response that 166 complaints regarding migration to ECR countries were received in 2020. The number fell to 139 in 2021 but rose again to 297 in 2022. complaints have been received.

In May, the Punjab Police Investigation Bureau also formed a special investigation team to investigate all cases of human trafficking in the state.

This after reports that a number of women were trafficked from India to other Middle Eastern countries, mostly under the guise of providing decent employment and wages, but these women were held captive and left to fight for survival and starvation.

Increase in the number of CEs

Since its inception in 2015 until June 2023, no less than 40,03,592 emigration permits have been issued through the eMigrate portal, the comprehensive online system developed to facilitate the safe and legal migration of Indian workers to 18 ECR countries.

Around 1,000 CEs are processed daily by the 14 offices of the Protector of Emigrants across the country, Jaishankar said.

There are about 2,000 active RAs and about 2 lakh FE registered on the portal.

The eMigrate portal has been fully operational since its launch in 2015 and provides for the registration of Recruitment Agents (AR), Foreign Employers (FE) and issuance of Emigration Authorization (EC) to prospective emigrants.

The initiative was conceptualized to make the emigration process transparent and also to respond to various complaints. At present, about 1,000 CEs are processed daily by the 14 offices of the Protector of Emigrants across the country, he said.

RCT countries

The ministry maintains records of migrant workers who migrate to 18 countries through the eMigrate portal.

ECR countries are Libya, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brunei, Malaysia, Syria, Thailand, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Launched in 2015, the Indias eMigrate portal regulates the recruitment of ECR ​​passport holders traveling to ECR countries and “ensures that no one is deceived by illegal agents through exorbitant fees and false promises of employment.”

The Emigrate portal operates through registered recruitment agents and registered foreign employers.

The MEA had also issued warnings to unregistered agencies not to recruit ECR passport holders for countries in the ECR category.

These activities are contrary to the Emigration Act 1983 and constitute human trafficking, which is a punishable criminal offence.

Anyone taking the services of illegal agents in ECR countries may face problems such as non-payment of salary, not being offered promised jobs, physical and mental torture and sometimes sexual harassment. The MEA has advised those seeking to migrate to ECR countries to only take the services of recruitment agents registered with the Protector General of Emigrants, the statement said.

illegal agents

No less than 2,548 illegal agents have been listed on the eMigrate portal.

The ministry has also placed some foreign employers on the Pre-Approval Category (PAC) list based on complaints of harassment, illegal recruitment, non-payment of salary, etc.

Based on these complaints received from Indian migrant workers who are being duped by illegal agents/employers abroad, the concerned Indian missions/posts are taking up the matter with the local authorities to provide necessary assistance and repatriate them to India if needed.

The government places the highest priority on the safety, security and welfare of Indian nationals abroad. The ministry has made consistent efforts to educate migrant workers about the dangers of illegal channels, the Center says.

ECR and non-RCE

Individuals whose passports have been approved as Emigration Required Control (ECR) are required to obtain emigration clearance from the POE office before traveling abroad for overseas employment.

The Emigration Act 1983 regulates the emigration of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers as well as certain professionals such as nurses, for employment in 18 specified countries.


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