Latest Kerala Local News: The municipality of Kalamassery will stop the home collection of biod

The municipality of Kalamassery has decided to stop home collection of biodegradable waste from August 15th.

This decision is part of efforts to decentralize waste collection by promoting treatment at source of food waste. The local government department had ordered local bodies, especially municipalities, not to transport biodegradable waste to the Kochi Corporation dump site in Brahmapuram following the massive fire on March 2.

The council has set August 15 as the deadline to ensure maximum household coverage under its source treatment method using biobins. We hope to provide biobins to as many households as possible before the second week of August. The municipality has provided biobins to almost 50% of the target group, said municipal chairwoman Seema Kannan.

The civic body had distributed about 14,000 application forms to people interested in setting up biobins. Among them, about 7,300 had applied for subsidized ferry tickets. The municipality provided 5,120 bins. Ms Kannan said people could submit applications until July 29. The purchase order for the remaining bins would be subject to government approval depending on the response, she said.

The waste collection process was handed over to a private agency after the Kochi Corporation informed the authorities that it would not allow food waste to be dumped in Brahmapuram. Food waste had accumulated in several departments due to the gridlock, and efforts to implement source-level systems had not materialized as expected. The municipality pays 3.50 per kg of biodegradable waste to the agency for standard treatment.

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