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The Jester A Short Horror Film – Michael Scheffield

The Jester A Short Horror Film – Michael Scheffield

The Jester – A Brief Horror Movie – Michael Scheffield

After a closing shift on Halloween evening, a person stumbles upon what appears to be the embodiment of Halloween itself. Trick or deal with?

The movie begins in a typical Halloween setting with folks wearing Halloween costumes who casually walks by; one man who appears to haven’t worn a fancy dress says hello to one of many folks carrying one however after that he walks a bit of farther to find Jester casually ready.

He approaches him and Jester halts him, a bit of nervous the person says good day in an uncertain method as Jester lowers his prime hat by greeting him. Jester will get shut and does a trick by pulling sweet from the person’s ear, the person replies “good excellent and says thank you’ve got a pleasant evening”. Simply as he was about to depart nonetheless, Jester pulls out an array of Playing cards from his fingers. Jester then covers his eyes wanting to point out the person one other trick by guessing his card; the person reluctantly chooses the cardboard and Jester initially wished him to shuffle them however ultimately he decides to do it himself.

After shuffling the playing cards Jester lets the person pull one and it seems the trick was correct a lot to Jester’s pleasure. Nonetheless, the person did not applaud nor did he appear and he says “and that is all” in a sluggish and undertone voice. Jester slowly appears up with rigidity and anger he snatches the cardboard from the person and takes out a knife; the person watches and wonders if he’s merely going to stab him however Jester as an alternative cuts his arm and rubs the cardboard on the blood. He then magically flicks the person’s chest as he finds the cardboard in his chest pocket. The person now freaked out backs up as Jester casually bows and he tries to run solely to search out Jester behind him, he then makes an attempt to run once more solely to journey abruptly because of Jester’s energy.

Then out of nowhere, Jester makes a automotive come utilizing his fingers, whereas it might have appeared like a median individual hit him, it was Jester in disguise. The person now injured and limping tries once more to run just for Jester to be casually ready round twirling handcuffs, the person journeys once more this time along with his shoe laces tied and {the handcuffs} round his arms. The person angrily tries to free himself nevertheless it’s no use. Jester then pulls out a masks and places it on the person’s face and decides to do one final trick solely this time the person is the act. Jester brings out a black sheet and throws it over the person, he then lifts it quick and what was as soon as a person is now gone as Jester made him disappear.

Jester then casually walks to 2 different trick or treaters who’re carrying Costumes, he exhibits them a card trick which makes them applaud and clap for Jesters trick which satisfies Jester as he walks away from them.

The Jester A Brief Horror Movie