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Earlier this year, Guns N’ Roses guitarist slash announced that he had launched his own horror film production company. Slash is a die-hard fan of the genre, and in a new conversation with NMEhe opened up about his horror roots and even revealed which horror movie “scared the shit out of” him at the time.

After talking about the next horror movie The violation, which Slash produced and scored, is asked when his love for the horror genre began. Per the guitarist, he shares:

“When I was really, really little, living in Stoke-On-Trent, there were only two TV channels and they only played at certain times of the day. But there were the horror movies Hammer. People like Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Charles Laughton – all these icons of British horror. I fell in love 100 per cent.”

Slash goes on to share that his parents were supportive of his fandom and his dad even hooked him up with a solid horror read:

“My father taught me to read even before I started going to school. He saw that I had an affinity for the horror genre and he made me read HP Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allan Poe.

The guitarist mentions how his mother was also a big horror fan and how he finally went to see The Exorcist. Mentioning The Exocirst invites the interviewer to talk about the film’s initial theatrical release; specifically, they mention how people passed out from stress during screenings.

The interviewer asks Slash if that was the case, and in his response, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist brings up another iconic horror movie that actually “scared the shit out of him” when he saw it. Per bar:

“We saw it in a drive-thru, but my mum and her girlfriend got me in the back. I just thought it was really fun. It didn’t scare me. I don’t get scared very easily. That said, the first night of the living dead scared me. It was so visceral and raw and fucking dark. I found that quite unsettling. »

night of the living dead was written by John Russo and George A. Romero and was directed by Romero. It is one of the greatest works of horror ever created and is considered one of the first modern zombie films. What horror movie scares you? And speaking of horror, you should check out our Feature “10 Worst Horror Movies of All Time”.