One of the great things we know about the flash is that it will spotlight Michael Keaton as Batman for the first time he’s donning the cape and cowl since 1992 Return of Batman. But he’s not the only actor to play the Caped Crusader in this next dc movie, as Ben Affleck’s Batman will also team up with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Well, when this version of Bruce Wayne returns to the big screen, one of his other key allies will accompany him, as the new international trailer for the flash revealed that Jeremy Irons is reprising Alfred Pennyworth.

Like Affleck, Irons made his DC Extended Universe debut in 2016. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicefollowed by his participation in the two versions of Justice League. From the flash should be Affleck’s last time playing Batman (not to mention he has no interest in directing a DC movie), it’s good that Alfred d’Irons goes with him for this last round, although since he’s shown in the Batcave, I’m skeptical that Irons and Affleck crossed paths again during the production. Either way, check out the quick taste we have of Batman’s trusted butler and father figure in the flash international trailer originally shared by The Flash movie news.


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