Fast & Furious started out as a little detective film about streetcar racing and the promotion of illegal DVDs. Twenty-two years later, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew are part of an international spy team that regularly defies physics and often reality itself. But that’s part of the joy of watching Fast & Furious, our most ridiculous action franchise today: watching how the Fast family could maybe one-up themselves. And damn it, they succeed every time.

In honor of the release of the most ridiculous Fast & Furious movie yet, Reverse the staff ranked the franchise’s top 10 craziest moments.

10. Dom throws a car around a cliff (F9)

Dom swings a car around a cliff with nothing more than a rope and a dream in F9.

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A move so absurd it even made Letty scream in disbelief, that’s when Fast & Furious cars officially became bona fide action figures. Physics is just a hint in this sequence, in which Dom drives down a cliff, hitches his car to a rope, and swings off a lower cliff. Sure why not! – Hoai Tran Bui

9. Cipher kisses Dom (Fate of the Furious)

What’s more amazing about this kiss is Cipher’s wig.


Every Fast fan remembers where they were when the Fate of the Furious fallen trailer. Not only did Dom turn his back on his team, but he had the nerve to make out with the nemesis, Charlize Theron’s super hot villain, Cipher — and in front of his wife too! What happened to the family? ! – Lyvie Scott

8. Luke Hobbs Hand launches a torpedo (Fate of the Furious)


All these years later, the eighth Fast & Furious still gets an unprecedented moment when Hobbs hand-delivers a missile over the ice in the Arctic. It’s ridiculous, it’s absurd, it tests your suspension of disbelief to its limits – and it lives up to the very name of the franchise. – Eric Francisco

7. Bank Vault Hunt (Fast Five)

The climax “bank vault huntas it’s called, is a masterclass in popcorn cinema where action movie directing collides with physics in a demolition derby. Fast & Furious has never quite matched the excitement and craftsmanship on display in Fast Five, which skims the line between fiction and real danger. – Eric Francisco

6. Dom and Luke’s doomsday device (Fast & Furious 6)

Dwayne Johnson isn’t just Hollywood. He is a proud third generation professional wrestler. In Fast & Furious 6, the 10-time WWE Champion pays homage to the iconic Road Warriors by performing their “Doomsday Device” move with Vin Diesel. In a movie where planes explode, The Rock wrasslin’ always steals the show. – Eric Francisco

5. Ping-pong with a bomb in Rome (x fast)

Who would have thought that the Fast & Furious franchise would pick up a page from the Batman movie of the 60s?

Universal images

Some days you can’t get rid of a bomb. So the only thing you can do is play ping pong in the streets of Rome, which will make him destroy buildings, streets and ancient architecture, while Dom’s car – which he uses as a tool to slow down the momentum of the giant bomb – somehow remains intact. – Hoai Tran Bui

4. Go to space (F9)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a car that explodes into the stratosphere.

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At the rate Fast & Furious escalated, the long-running joke was that the only boundary they could cross was space. Well, they did, and it was as dumb and stupid and grand as one would expect. That the gang of Tokyo Drift coming back as full-fledged rocket scientists to help launch a car into space is just the ridiculous cherry on top. – Hoai Tran Bui

3. Cliff diving (Fast Five)

In just 15 seconds, Fast Five marked the turning point in merging Dwayne Johnson’s beefy power with Justin Lin’s showmanship. After Dom and Brian pull away from a cliff and fall hundreds of feet in the air, and sweep it away, we see the Fast Saga go impervious. – Eric Francisco

2. Zombie cars (Fate of the Furious)

AI takes on new meaning in Fate of the furious.


Self-driving cars certainly have their merits, but Cipher has taken their capabilities to a terrifying new level. With the push of a button, the cyberterrorist turns every skilled vehicle in New York into a remote-controlled swarm – all to get a briefcase from one guy’s car. It’s zombie time, indeed. – Lyvie Scott

1. Construction jump in Abu Dhabi (Furious 7)

“Cars don’t fly.” This is one of the jokes that opens Furious 7 – but with Dom driving a Lykan HyperSport, he makes a compelling case to the contrary. In the most jaw-dropping moment of the Fast saga, Dom and Brian plunge from one 50-story building and crash into another…then do it again. – Lyvie Scott

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