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Telegram update adds more than custom sound notifications

Telegram update adds more than custom sound notifications


Telegram got another update over the weekend, this time with a half dozen or more new features and improvements. It’s an ever-improving world in what we consider to be the best messaging app on the planet.

The title for this update should be custom notification sounds which are now allowed. Basically, you can set any sound as notification sound in Telegram. You can select system sounds or grab audio files or voice messages from a chat to save and install them. I’m sure your brain is already preparing obnoxious sounds that you can find online to use, so go crazy friend.

At the moment, Telegram sound notifications are limited to 5 seconds and 300 KB in size. However, they are cross-platform, so everyone can enjoy them.

Telegram Custom Audio

Other new additions or improvements to Telegram:

  • Improved picture in picture: On Android, the picture-in-picture feature has an improved player window that you can pinch to resize, tap X to close, and view with rounder corners.
  • Custom mute duration: Want to disable chats? You used to be able to mute the sound for up to 2 days, but now you can set a specific duration for almost as long as you want.
  • New auto delete menu: Want parts of your conversations to be automatically deleted to clean up long conversations or add privacy? You can set auto-delete actions with fewer taps as well as more flexible timers.
  • Forwarded messages such as replies: If you forward messages from one conversation to another, they are now displayed in the same way as replies.
  • More animated emoji: Another batch of animated emoji has been added, most of which you can see in the top image.

This new update was released yesterday (April 17) for all platforms, so chances are you already have it. You should also have received a message from Telegram explaining this to you. Sorry for the double info, but we like to talk about Telegram.

Link to google play: Telegram

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