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Telegram catches 6 new useful features

Telegram catches 6 new useful features


Guys, we have a big Friday update in Telegram – I counted at least 6 changes that are worth talking about, if not more. And because it’s Telegram, we’re all getting the update at the same time (today) and not through that frustratingly slow rollout schedule from the other big names in the app development game.

First, we have our own wallpapers! In the newest version of Telegram, you can set your wallpaper in every single chat. All you have to do is click on the three dots button in chat and then “Set wallpaper”. The user interface will let you choose from standard themes or give you a “Select Wallpaper from Gallery” button. This option opens your gallery where you can select images from your device.

Once you select an image, you can adjust some settings (such as exposure and contrast), you can crop the image, mark it, and then blur, darken, or allow motion. This is pretty easy to do and pretty handy if you want to spice up a conversation with someone.

Next, Telegram added shared chat folders.. The name there is somewhat confusing, but basically it allows you to make a folder of invite links to other channels or chats, and then invite people to all of them. A touch from your friend will let them join easily. For those of you who are into multiple public Telegram channels or groups, this might not be a bad thing.

The rest of the Telegram update includes the following:

  • Faster attachment scrolling: Tired of falling behind or slow in investment? This is no more. Telegram reports that the attachments menu now scrolls at “super-fast speed.”
  • Read pickup time: If you have a chat with fewer than 100 members and topics enabled, read receipts will now show the exact time the messages were read.
  • Bots in any chat: You can now add Telegram bots to any chat, and web apps in groups support collaboration and multi-user features.
  • Improved interfacesA: Several interface changes made creating groups without adding members, fewer taps to initiate “Submit when online”, and a new animation on the iPhone when moving to a dynamic island.

Again, this is Telegram, so the update is available immediately on all platforms. Click on this link below to get it on Android.

Link to google play: Telegram

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