Latest World News: Taliban makeover: Afghan women despair of a beauty salon b

KABUL: Shirin booked her makeover a few weeks ago, but instead of relaxing while the beauticians pampered her, everyone in the Kabul salon was nervous, ready to hide the bride if the police showed up.

Shirin was the latest client at a salon in the Afghan capital, one of thousands closed across the country on Tuesday (July 25) by order of the Taliban authorities.

“I have someone watching outside in case the Taliban come. If something happens, we’ll put it in the bathroom or in the storage room and we’ll take care of packing,” salon owner Aziza said.

“Even if they put me in jail, I’ll give her a makeover because I promised her.”

While some beauticians twirled around Shirin, others were busy packing the salon.

Like tens of thousands of other salon workers, they were forced out of one of the last fields of work open to women under the Taliban government.

The ban on beauty salons is the latest blow not only to women’s earning power – salon owners and workers’ wages are often the only source of household income – but also to their social lives.

“We were heartbroken when we learned that the salons were closing because they were places where we not only took care of our appearance, but we could see friends and make new ones, chat and ease our sorrows,” said Bahara, 21, a client of a salon in Kabul.

“Women are not allowed to enter places of entertainment, so what can we do? Where can we go to have fun? Where can we gather to meet?”

Since returning to power in August 2021, Taliban authorities have banned girls and women from attending high school and university, banned them from visiting parks, fairgrounds and gymnasiums, and ordered them to cover up in public.

Women were also mostly barred from working for the United Nations or NGOs, with thousands of government workers being laid off or being paid to stay at home.


Kamela started working in a salon a year ago when she lost her job in the media and was no longer able to continue her studies. As the sole breadwinner for her family of five, the 19-year-old doesn’t know what she’ll do without her beauty salon salary.

“The closing of beauty salons means that all doors are closed to me, which means that I cannot work and live as a woman in Afghanistan,” she told AFP this week, braiding the long black hair of one of the salon’s last clients.

“Maybe tomorrow the Taliban will say that women don’t have the right to breathe.”

Manizha, 28, has invested time and money in growing her own salon since 2018, training some 200 women to work in the industry and become “self-sufficient”.

Now his current 25 employees, all of their primary breadwinners, are back to square one, and Manizha must watch his efforts go to waste.

“I’ve worked so hard and now my achievement is shattered,” she told AFP.

“I stayed in the country and paid taxes to the government, and now they are closing our beauty salon. It’s such a shame, it’s a blow to the country’s economy and to us.”

In the weeks before the ban took effect, women rushed to salons to have their hair dyed and their eyebrows shaped – their last chance to do something for themselves.

The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice claimed that extravagant sums spent on makeovers were causing hardship for poor families and that some treatments – such as eyelash extensions and hair weaving – were un-Islamic.

But beautician Najla felt the work was a good ethical life.

“I was doing a good job, I was able to bring some bread home. What am I going to do now ? says the orphan who takes care of her brothers and sisters.

“What do they really want from us? They’ve closed all places to women. Maybe one day they’ll just say, ‘Every time a girl is born, bury her alive’.”

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