20 April 2023, 12:39

Take That’s music makes its way to the big screen in Greatest Days.

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Take That are heading to the big screen.

After the huge success of their hit musical The groupa film adaptation is heading to theaters near you.

The best days follows a group of five best friends who have the night of their lives seeing their favorite boy band in concert.

Fast forward to twenty-five years later, the once inseparable friends lead very different lives and have changed over the years.

But as their favorite band announces a reunion show, the friends reunite for the epic concert that rekindles their hallowed friendship and helps them realize that their best days are still ahead of them.

Split between two timelines, the story takes the friends from the past who grow up in their hometown of Athens, Greece, into the present, where they must confront hilarious truths and situations.

It is expected that The best days will be the feel-good film of the summer, a universal film about love, friendship and music that will feature the beloved songs of Take that.

Scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, June 16 with previews on Thursday, June 15, you can see the first trailer for The best days below:

Greatest Days – Official Trailer

Take That is current members Gary Barlow, Mark OwenAnd Howard Donald all serve as executive producers for The best days.

It has also been revealed that the boys will be performing live at the film’s incredibly special premiere in London on Thursday June 15.

The can’t-miss live performance will be shown in cinemas nationwide alongside previews on the same night, so fans can see Take That perform their music ahead of the screening.

Written for the screen by Girls Calendar writer Tim Firth, The best days is led by How to build a girl director Coky Giedroyc.

The film stars Irish comedian Aisling Bea, Alice Lowe, Jayde Adams, Amaka Okafor and Marc Wootton as the five best friends brought together by the music they love.

Greatest Days is set for a national release on Friday, June 16.

Greatest Days is set for a national release on Friday, June 16.

Photo: Elysian Film Group

Greatest Days is a universal tale about love, friendship and music.

Greatest Days is a universal tale about love, friendship and music.

Photo: Elysian Film Group

Lara McDonnell, Jessie Mae Alonzo, Nandi Hudson, Carragon Guest, Eliza Dobson, and more will star in the film’s supporting role.

The origins of The best days started with the show The groupwith Take That and writer Tim Firth’s friendship from their teenage years.

Realizing that Gary Barlow and Firth were both from the same place (Frodsham in Cheshire), they immediately bonded and knew they were in good hands with an adaptation of their music.

“When we first watched the show [at the run-through]it made us feel so many emotions,” says Howard Donald.

“We watched these actors in this little rehearsal studio in London and it really suffocated me. I had tears in my eyes.”

“I’m a pretty emotional person anyway, but when we saw the music with the game, it brought out new life in those songs. It made us see the songs in a completely different light.”

Bringing the songs of Take That to life in a new way on stage and now on screen, Mark Owen describes the journey and the experience as “really special and magical, crazy, terrifying and beautiful all at the same time”.

The best days will be brought to the big screen by Elysian Film Group and will be available to stream on Amazon Prime after its theatrical release.