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T-Mobile 5G keeps laughing at Verizon and AT&T

T-Mobile 5G keeps laughing at Verizon and AT&T


This morning, T-Mobile was probably excited to see the latest 5G report from Ookla, who just released their Q1 2022 US mobile market analysis. The results show that T-Mobile’s 5G is only getting better, with Verizon starting to catch up with some and AT&T struggling (at the moment) to make up the difference.

In the Ookla report, they give it to us in an easily digestible form that shows the overall network speed and consistency before breaking it down into 5G categories. In terms of overall speed and consistency, T-Mobile is king in many ways and has increased its lead in overall speed from the fourth quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year. Verizon and AT&T saw some speed gains, but not quite as fast as T-Mobile’s.

That said, 5G is all everyone wants to talk about, so below we have three main areas to focus on. As you can see in the 5G speed category, T-Mobile’s average speed is approaching 200Mbps. This is only a marginal increase over the quarter, while Verizon posted a significant jump from 78Mbps to this 107Mbps mark. This is likely due to their early C-band rollout. AT&T, well, they haven’t changed much yet.

T-Mobile 5G speeds

From there, Ookla takes us to 5G affordability and consistency. T-Mobile’s availability increased again (slightly) to 65%, while AT&T remained roughly the same at 49%. Verizon improved its mark from 28% in the fourth quarter to 36%. As we’ve been saying for years, Verizon’s advertised speeds are cool and all, but most of us still very rarely see them with their poor choices to focus on 5G mmW out of the gate.

In terms of consistency, the number of operators has largely remained the same (around 80% for T-Mo and Verizon). Stability is described as “the ability of an operator to provide consistent speed over a 5G connection.” The higher the number here, the better, and both Verizon and T-Mobile show good numbers there.

Availability of T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile 5G Stability

As Verizon and AT&T launch massive 5G (C-band) pushes over the next few years, we’ll see all of these numbers converge, unless T-Mobile has some secret sauce up its sleeves. At the moment, however, they have a big advantage and should hold it for a while.

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