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Sunflower creates intrigue from the very beginning and reveals its full potential, notes Pratik Sur.

Vikas Bahl makes a stunning return to the writer-director chair with Sunflower.

The way he wrote the murder mystery is enough thrill to keep you on your toes until the very end.

The characters he creates are amazing and so real that you would meet every single one of them if you ever stayed in Mumbai.

From an enraged neighbor to a strict chairman of the society, from a rebellious daughter, from a hot neighbor to a shy girl who ran away from her hometown to become a star in Mumbai, to a sissy who never had sex even at 35…

Each character is taken from real life and written so beautifully that it looks quite real.

Among the cast, Sunil Grover as Sonu Singh gives a stellar performance. He brings so much quirkiness to his character.

Even if you watch it all day, you won’t get bored. He’s funny, his simplicity is appealing and, in the context of the show, seems silly.

The cops – Ranvir Shorey as Inspector S. Digendra and Girish Kulkarni as Sub Inspector Chetan Tambe – are amazing. They have very different approaches to a murder case. They seem to have been good friends in the past, but ended up in a cold war since one got promoted before the other.

There is some amazing banter going on between them that you will enjoy.

Mukul Chadha as Mr. Ahuja showcases the nuances of the game, as a grumpy neighbor and even as the person who fears most of all being judged. You will laugh at his stupidity and get annoyed at his mistreatment of his wife.

Ashish Vidyarthy as society chairman Dilip Iyer, whom we may have encountered while renting a house in Mumbai. His acting is so realistic that you will hate him for every tradition he throws in your face. Vidyarthy plays so well that every time he comes on screen you cringe knowing he’s about to say something irrational.

While I personally am a fan of open endings, I didn’t expect this show by Vikas Bala to have viewers hung up on a murder mystery.

Leaving the main plot of the story open is frustrating for the viewer who wasted time on eight episodes.

To add to this, the editing of the show could have been clearer. There is no need to drag out eight episodes if you were not going to give a conclusion. A lot of unnecessary long scenes could have been cut to cut the show down to six episodes.

Sunflower creates intrigue from the very beginning and realizes its potential.

Even though I would like the ending to be typical, the way Vikas Bal ended it leaves plenty of room for more to come.

Sunil Grover’s quirky Sonu Singh demands an entire series!

Sunflower is streaming on ZEE5.

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