Star Trek: Strange New Worlds may be setting up Khan Noonien Singh’s debut.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has already taken it upon itself to restore the image of the Gorn, as well as Christopher Pike and Una Chin-Riley, aka Number One. In season two, it’s anything but a guarantee that Sybok, Spock’s brother, will get a plot that does him real justice. Sybok only appeared in another official Star Trek workhis debut in Star Trek V.

His appearance in the film held promise, as he was a Vulcan who embraced the concept of emotions, unlike Spock, and led a cult that embraced the same ideals. That’s about it for its relevance in the film. Strange New Worlds seeks to give the character a more fitting legacy.

But will Sybok be the only former movie villain to get much-needed screen time? According to Screen Rant, there appear to be seeds for a Khan Noonien Singh appearance in the second season.

Screen Rant suggests that the time travel that James Kirk and La’an Noonien Singh are doing could go back to a time when Khan was still on Earth. Due to the constant confusion of the timeline by each new series, it’s unclear when the Eugenics War actually took place, so it’s possible that Kirk and La’an landed in time at the start, or just before the start. of this one.

We don’t need Khan Noonien Singh anymore unless it’s young Khan Noonien Singh

Usually I’m on the side of not overusing nostalgia and legacy characters. We killed them and it’s time to move on. That said, Khan was never considered a good man in his prime. A complete Khan, one who has already succeeded in life and created his own family of fortune.

But what a Khan looks like at the beginning? What would he say? Would it be appreciated? Would others flock to him? There’s definitely something the writers can play with, so if he was portrayed as a younger man, at the dawn of his tyrannical rule, then that would be something I’d like to see.

Would you like to see a young Khan depicted in a time travel scene during the events of Strange New Worlds second season?


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